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Belfast fashion designers create bold looks for Lizzo.

Belfast fashion designers create bold looks for Lizzo.

Five Fashionistas “Bizzo for Lizzo”

A team of fashion enthusiasts from Northern Ireland had the privilege of working with American musician Lizzo on her costumes for her Belfast concert this week. They have also contributed their creativity and style to her wardrobe for her upcoming performance at Glastonbury.

Glamour and Glitz at Belsonic

Lizzo, accompanied by her backup dancers, wowed the audience at Ormeau Park as part of the Belsonic lineup. The singer showcased a variety of stunning outfits, adding glamour and glitz to her performance.

Support for the Queer Community

Becky Bellamy, a member of the creative team responsible for Lizzo’s wardrobe in Belfast, expressed her admiration for the musician and her support for the queer and trans communities. Lizzo’s presence as a queer icon was a powerful and unifying force.

A Talented Wardrobe Team

The wardrobe team, led by fashion designer Marie Nancarrow, consisted of two runners, three sewists, and wardrobe assistants. Their responsibilities ranged from preparing outfits and accessories to even washing and managing Lizzo’s wardrobe during the Belfast concert and her Glastonbury performance.

A Labor of Dedication

The team dedicated 15 hours of work from 9 in the morning till midnight to ensure everything was perfect for Lizzo’s show. Their efforts included meticulous steaming and assisting with quick changes for both Lizzo and the backup performers.

Inspiring Expressions of Identity

Becky and Connor, the founders of Another World Belfast, a social enterprise supporting marginalized groups, found it inspiring to witness young people expressing themselves at the concert, especially those from rural areas.

A Spice Bag Misadventure

Lizzo, however, had an unfortunate experience regarding a local food delicacy called a spice bag. Despite her hopes and efforts, she was disappointed to find the recommended restaurant closed before her performance and later discovered it would only open after her show ended.

Exciting Performances at Glastonbury

Glastonbury continues with exciting performances from Lizzo, Lana Del Rey, Christine And The Queens, Maneskin, Rick Astley, and headliners Guns N’ Roses.

Watch Live Coverage on BBC iPlayer

If you’re interested in watching the live coverage of Glastonbury, tune in to BBC iPlayer.

Watch live coverage on BBC iPlayer.


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