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American Hurricane Shutters prepared for upcoming storm.

Weather Experts Forecast Severe Hurricane Activity

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, July 24, 2023 / — Weather experts are forecasting a severe escalation in hurricane activity this year due to unseasonably warm ocean temperatures. Researchers at Colorado State University have increased the number of severe tropical systems expected this year due to the record breaking sea surface temperatures of over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the Gulf and Caribbean. As shown in the past, this will certainly lead to quick strengthening of tropical systems- with a predicted four major hurricanes this season. This breaking news has catalyzed American Hurricane Shutters, Inc., renowned for their premium bahama shutters, roll down shutters, and hurricane screens, to reassure residents in North and South Carolina that they still have the option to have the best protection installed in the face of these predicted turbulent times.

Predicted Rise in Hurricane Frequency and Intensity

Scientists attribute the predicted rise in hurricane frequency and intensity to climate change and record sea temperatures, which offset this year’s strong El Niño which had dampened the initial expected intensity of the season. These warmer ocean waters are a vital ingredient for hurricane formation, and as global temperatures rise, so does the yearly potential for more frequent and stronger hurricanes. Scientists expect that climate change, combined with rising sea levels, will cause more frequent and violent hurricanes as time goes on as well.

Choosing the Right Hurricane Shutter

Known as a leader in the industry, American Hurricane Shutters offers a variety of hurricane shutters capable of withstanding extreme winds and aid in blocking wind driven rain. However, the most daunting task for many homeowners is choosing which style of shutter they need installed on their home.

User-Friendly Shutter Price Calculator

American Hurricane Shutters provides a user-friendly shutter price calculator on their website, helping potential customers to plan their expenses effectively. While a rough calculation, this Hurricane Shutter Cost calculator helps customers that are dipping their toes in the water, determine possible shutter styles based on budget, prior to an in-person final estimate. Combined with the videos and literature on the website, it allows potential customers to be ready to ask the right questions and have an idea of what they want in their hurricane protection package. While all rated shutters can be installed to code (although some cannot be installed in every location) the most popular options include:

Accordion Shutters

Robust and economical, accordions are an affordable way to quickly deploy hurricane protection. Rather than taking a day of back breaking labor (as with panels or plywood) accordions on a typical home can be closed in 20 minutes or less.

Bahama Shutters

These shutters perfectly merge style and robustness, providing an ideal blend of aesthetic appeal and storm protection. The articulating 2” and 4” blades allow you to see out of the shutters with barely any obstruction, but close flat to allow for wind pressure/rain protection- which traditional (non-solid back) Bahamas do not. These shutters as well as colonials often take some time to build, so may be a better option for those ordering early in the season.

Colonial Shutters

Similar to Bahamas, these shutters both are protective and offer an aesthetic appeal that can increase the value and curb appeal of your home. In contrast to Bahamas, they offer more of a traditional Southern charm.

Roll Down Shutters

Fusing technology with convenience, these shutters are available in various sizes, with manual, pulldown, and electric operation options. Often considered to be the quintessential hurricane shutter, they are easily deployed, and can even be run from your phone!

Hurricane Screens

Specially designed to endure hurricane-force winds and debris, these screens offer an extensive range of protection. Ideal for porches and lanais, you are able to see through the mesh from the inside, but are constructed with a privacy weave to disallow prying outside eyes… It is not recommended to place directly against windows unless they have a significant distance to the glass as the screens are made of Aramid- a Kevlar type material- that will deflect when impacted by debris.

Rated Polycarbonate

American Hurricane offers the latest in permanently mounted polycarbonate- utilizing the ClearTek system. This is the only storm-rated flat polycarbonate system. This is typically deployed over fixed windows to allow for permanent protection, since the opening will no longer allow egress once installed.

Aluminum and Clear Panels

If you need quick protection, these are your best option, as AHS can install these in a few weeks from order. Be warned thorough, they are quite heavy and laborious to install- with many prior customers opting to upgrade to Accordions after a few years.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the American Hurricane Shutters Most Frequently Asked Questions page, many of the most common questions are answered in a user-friendly dropdown table. Combined with the information and videos on the specific product pages, you can go into the first discussion with the sales team of AHS or any company, armed with the knowledge about the products they are proposing, and some technical know-how to ensure you are getting what you expect and that it will keep you safe in a storm.

Investing in Hurricane Shutters

While the initial cost may seem high, it is crucial to remember that investing in hurricane shutters is an investment in your home’s safety and longevity. Their high-quality shutters are designed to withstand strong winds and flying debris and are custom-fitted for each window or door opening. Meeting or exceeding Florida Building Codes (as well as North and South Carolina’s), American Hurricane Shutters also offer unparalleled protection against break-ins and deflects a significant amount of rain. With their team of qualified and experienced professionals, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.

Trusted Ally in Storm Protection

In the face of climate unpredictability and intensified hurricane seasons, a provider like American Hurricane Shutters, Inc. is indispensable. Their 20+ year history of excellence, unwavering commitment to quality, and forward-thinking approach make them a trusted ally in storm protection, dedicated to safeguarding homes and providing peace of mind to residents in hurricane-prone regions.

Equip Your Home with High-Quality Hurricane Shutters

As we prepare for a potentially turbulent hurricane season, American Hurricane Shutters, Inc. is ready to equip homeowners with high-quality hurricane shutters and screens, ensuring homes are fortified against the forces of nature. Do not get caught without protection- this season or future ones- contact American Hurricane today!


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