Monday, February 19, 2024
AJC's Sports Insider: Impressive updates on college, pro sports, and beyond.

AJC’s Sports Insider: Impressive updates on college, pro sports, and beyond.

Sports Insider: Deion Sanders’ Vision for Colorado Football

Deion Sanders, the former Falcons great, shares his reasons for believing he can lead Colorado football to prominence. With his vast experience as a player, parent, analyst, and coach, Sanders brings a unique perspective to the sidelines in Boulder.

College World Series: Pitch Counts Under Scrutiny

In this week’s 39-page edition, get insights into why pitch counts have become a topic of scrutiny in college baseball. As coaches push for maximum impact from their top pitchers, find out how this strategy could affect teams like LSU, currently in the finals against Florida.

Atlanta United’s Stumble Against New York Red Bulls

Atlanta United suffers a significant setback with a 4-0 loss to the New York Red Bulls. Discover the key problems that contributed to Atlanta’s defeat, along with comprehensive reporting, analysis, and a statistical preview of their upcoming game.

Adam Duvall: Raising Awareness for Diabetes Treatment

Former Braves slugger Adam Duvall, now with the Red Sox, aims to promote affordable treatments for fellow diabetes patients. Learn more about Duvall’s efforts and his impact on the baseball community.

Leona Maguire: Pursuit of Ireland’s First Major Title

Leona Maguire leads the Women’s PGA Championship, hoping to secure her country’s first major title. Follow her journey and the challenges she faces on her quest for victory.

Elena Delle Donne: A Pivotal Year in the WNBA

Elena Delle Donne returns to form in a crucial year for the WNBA. Explore her impact on the league and the potential outcomes for the season.

NBA Draft: Winners and Losers

Get insights into the winners and losers of this week’s NBA Draft. Discover which teams made smart choices and which ones missed opportunities, including a mention of Michael Jordan’s involvement.

Detroit Lions and Jahmyr Gibbs: Managing a Rookie Running Back

Learn how the Detroit Lions plan to manage rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs, a former standout player for Georgia Tech. Gain an understanding of the team’s strategy and expectations for the young talent.

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