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Aditi Rao Hydari rocks kurta-turned-dress in summer.

Aditi Rao Hydari rocks kurta-turned-dress in summer.

Aditi Rao Hydari’s Effortless Style: A Fusion of Traditional and Contemporary

Aditi Rao Hydari has always been known for her ability to seamlessly transition from traditional Indian wear to more contemporary, avant-garde looks. Whether she’s channeling Audrey Hepburn or rocking Dior Riviera outfits, Hydari has consistently proven that she can pull off any style. However, what sets her apart is her willingness to blur the lines between traditional and modern fashion. Her recent outfit, featuring a traditional kurta worn as a dress, perfectly encapsulates this unique blend of styles.

The Reimagined Kurta Look

Hydari’s stylist, Sanam Ratansi, shared photographs of the actress wearing a kurta from Kshitij Jalori, originally sold as a set with palazzos. But Hydari decided to ditch the lower half and instead paired the kurta with black cross-strap heels and a maroon Lady Dior bag. This fusion of traditional Indian attire with contemporary accessories showcases Hydari’s impeccable styling sensibilities. She completed the look with open hair and pearl Dior earrings, enhancing the overall elevated aesthetic.

The Blurring of Traditional and Western Fashion

For years, traditional wear and Western wear have been seen as separate entities. However, this rigid distinction is slowly fading away. Recent trends, such as Falguni Shane Peacock’s Renaissance-inspired show, highlight a cultural exchange between heavy traditional bridal wear and conventionally Western elements like the wedding veil. This cultural exchange also extends to everyday fashion choices, like Hydari’s fusion of the kurta with Western accessories.

The Versatility of the Kurta

Often overlooked for its simplicity, the kurta is actually one of the most versatile and sustainable pieces of clothing. Its true potential lies in the styling and accessories. Hydari’s elevated look, featuring the Lady Dior bag and strappy heels, showcases the kurta’s garden-party-approved chic aesthetic. This ensemble effortlessly captures the essence of a cultural fusion, and Hydari pulls it off with her innate grace and style.


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