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Addiction and mental health, a crucial dialogue.

Mental Health and Addiction: Urgent Crisis for our Youth

Mental health and addiction have become an increasingly urgent crisis for our youth. On Tuesday, an acclaimed student wellbeing activist, David Magee, will be in Pensacola discussing ways families can help their children find and keep their “joy” in life.

David Magee created The William Magee Institute for Student Wellbeing at The University of Mississippi after his son William died of an accidental drug overdose. He has traveled the country addressing students and parents about mental health and substance misuse challenges and solutions.

Magee will be speaking at the Brownsville Community Center, 3200 W. De Soto St., from 6-7:30 p.m. on Tuesday as part of CivicCon.

About David Magee

David Magee has been actively involved in raising awareness about student mental health and substance misuse crisis since his personal experiences. His new book, “Things Have Changed: What Every Parent (and Educator) Should Know About the Student Mental Health and Substance Misuse Crisis,” provides a clear roadmap for navigating the many struggles modern students face, including anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, loneliness, and the pressures of social media.

Insights and Solutions

In his book and at CivicCon, Magee will share research-backed insights on how to:

  • Have meaningful conversations about mental health and drug and alcohol abuse
  • Empower your child to ask for help when they need it
  • Decide when and if treatment is needed
  • Encourage your child to invest in healthy relationships
  • Be intentional about social media use and interactions
  • Foster your child’s desire to engage with your family
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Advocate for your child’s wellbeing at school and with family

Magee’s Impact

According to his website, Magee has spoken to tens of thousands of students, parents, and educators throughout the country since 2021, making him one of the few individuals who have personally addressed students in person since COVID about mental health and substance misuse.

Personal Struggles and Success

Magee and his children have personally struggled with the issues he discusses. One of his sons suffered a fatal drug overdose, another son had a near-fatal overdose but is now in recovery, and his daughter battled with an eating disorder. Magee covered his family’s struggles and success in his award-winning book, “Dear William: A Father’s Memoir of Addiction, Recovery, Love and Loss.”

About CivicCon

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