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Weird but Wonderful: A Compilation of Bizarre Wonders

Weird but Wonderful: A Compilation of Bizarre Wonders

Are you tired of the usual tourist attractions? Looking for something more offbeat to spice up your travels? Then this compilation of bizarre wonders is just what you need! Explore the world’s strangest sites, from a giant rubber duck to a museum of penises – no ordinary travel itinerary here!

World’s Largest Rubber Duck

Nothing says “quirky” like a rubber duck the size of a house! The world’s largest rubber duck is over 50 feet tall and took over a year to design and construct. It has traveled to various ports around the world, bringing joy and a touch of playfulness to visitors. Snap a selfie with this giant duck to let your social media flock to your profile!

Deepest Pool in the World

Daredevils and divers unite – this unique pool in Italy is the deepest in the world, clocking in at a whopping 131 feet. This isn’t just any regular pool – there are also various underwater caves, structures, and even a hotel room that have been constructed to up the ante on this bizarre wonder.

Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo

No visit to Palermo is complete without a tour of the Capuchin Catacombs. Step into this macabre museum and experience a collection of over 8,000 mummies, many of which are posed or displayed in customized clothing. It’s like taking a morbid stroll through a creepy closet, but without supernatural intervention!

Museum of Broken Relationships

Breakups are hard, but the Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia offers catharsis and creativity with exhibits of mementos from relationships that didn’t make it. From teapots to letters, you’ll find various items with touching stories attached. It’s bound to resonate with your own heartbreak and is guaranteed to make you feel a bit better.

Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft

Located in the small town of Hólmavík, Iceland, this museum caters to those seeking a sinister journey exploring witchcraft, demons, and the occult. You will encounter numerous mystical items such as hexed bones, sigils, and protective items —as well as exhibits on Iceland’s witch trial history from centuries ago.

Museum of Penis

Located in Reykjavik, Iceland’s Museum of Penis showcases the biology of the male member across a variety of animals and hosts one-eyed pets to mythical creatures. From microscopic specimens to large blue whale phalluses, you’re guaranteed an exhibition that is OOH-LAA-LA for people of all ages!

Bubblegum Alley

Located in San Luis Obispo, California, Bubblegum Alley is truly a wonder to behold. A single alleyway where the walls are totalled with chewy gum. People from all over the world travel here to chew and bubble and get rid of their unwanted gum in the most communal place ever! It’s the closest thing to heaven for those with a sweet tooth-sweet bubbly taste AND sweet memories.


This go-to list of attractions is nothing but weird and amazing! These bizarre wonders are guaranteed to make any trip vibrant and unforgettable. Let’s take some time to be quirky together and explore the world’s hidden eccentricities.

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