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Web Browsing Hacks You Need to Try ASAP

Web Browsing Hacks You Need to Try ASAP

Web Browsing Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Use Operator Commands to Narrow Your Search Results

In order to find exactly what you’re looking for when browsing the web, it’s important to use the right search terms. But did you know that you can also use operator commands to narrow your search results? For example, putting quotes around a phrase will only show results that include that exact phrase. Putting a minus sign before a word will exclude it from your search results.

Google operator commands

Browse Offline with Reader View

When you have no connection to the internet, you can still enjoy your favorite articles by using Reader View. This feature strips the irrelevant parts of a webpage and only shows you the main text and images. Most modern browsers have this feature built-in; in Safari you can access it by clicking on the lines in the URL bar.

Safari Reader View icon

Surf the Web Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

Using your mouse and clicking all over the place can be slow and inefficient. To surf the web faster, try using keyboard shortcuts instead. For example, to open a new tab hold down “Ctrl” and “T” on a PC or “Command” and “T” on a Mac. To close a tab, hold down “Ctrl” (or “Command”) and “W.” Check your browser’s settings to see all available keyboard shortcuts.

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Always Keep Your Tabs Organized

As you’re browsing the web, it’s easy to accumulate dozens of open tabs. But having too many tabs can make your browser slow down and become harder to navigate. To prevent this, always try to keep your tabs organized. You can use groups, pinned tabs, or extensions like OneTab to manage your tabs more effectively.

Chrome OneTab extension

Prevent Distractions with Website Blockers

Let’s face it: browsing the web can also be full of distractions. If you find yourself constantly checking Facebook or Twitter instead of getting work done, consider installing a website blocker. These applications can prevent you from accessing certain websites that you find distracting. Some popular options include Freedom, StayFocused or Memento Mori.

StayFocused Chrome extension

What other web browsing hacks do you know that can make our lives easier? Share them in the comments below!

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