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Wanderlust Adventure: The Best 30 Outdoor Activities on the Globe

Experience 30 Must-Do Outdoor Activities with Wanderlust Adventure

Climb the Alps like a Pro

Without a doubt, climbing the Alps is an experience of a lifetime. Feeling the crisp mountain air and being surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery will give you the euphoria you crave as you summit one of the most iconic peaks in the world.

Kayak the Amazon River Watershed

The Amazon River is undoubtedly one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Witness rare wildlife and exotic flora along the winding waterways of the largest river system on the planet like a true adventurer.

Hike the Appalachian Trail in the USA

The Appalachian Trail stretches 3,500 kilometers, making it a great escape for hikers. Beautiful roaring streams, wildlife sightings, and touching on various states, this path is a journey into beauty and tranquility.

White Water Rafting in the Zambezi River in Africa

The thunderous rapids and Zambezi’s incredible scenery are enough to please anyone. Honeymooners or thrill-seekers alike will navigate the roaring waters of this African giant for an unforgettable experience sought-after by most.

Trek Roraima in South America

This spectacular “lost world” surrounded by horizontal orange jagged peaked and plunging valleys set against perpetually blue skies is a favourite bucket-list destination chosen by Wanderlust adventurers for a reason.

Antarctica Expedition Cruising

This ultimate ice adventure takes you through the scenic marvel of deep remote landscapes encapsulated with unimaginable beauty for experience remarkable;

Zipline through Willamette Falls in Oregon, USA

Prepare to zip over turbulent breezes funneling up Oregon’s famous Willamette Falls. For mere minutes, experience life cursing at over speeds exceeding 125 miles-per-hour hovering above moving train-trestles.

Cascade Climbing Mountains in Washington state

Come prepared and at the height of winter, trade snowshoes or crampons with trekking poles as you make summit-day take. Cascaded loomed exemplified genuine nature of deep, long-rising valleys far over the horizon like they were at your mercy.

Paragliding Over Oludeniz Bay

Located on Turkey’s lush southwestern coast, suspension over Oludeniz Bay alongside the rocky Boncuk Mountains gives you the sky’s view exquisite panoramic topography of vividly coursing blue then you glide back, forever etching unforgettable views of an ancient seaside society.

Bungee jumping above Nevis River in Queenstown, New Zealand

Release your tension while standing at Queenstown’s picturesque XAJAJAJAJAJA – the Nevis River. For a few precious seconds, experience the vertigo takes hold before embracing gravity’s pull.

Surfing upon Hawaii’s Oahu’s North Shore

Pack your reef booties and fill your freedom, surfing alongside the island of Hawaii’s Northwestern Coastline has a unique energy into upcoming tide swells, tinge on perfect waves lining great colours among its blue oceans.

Sail in Sporty Harbour located in another Cape Valentine-brighten-dock

Connected with those birds life running nearby seaside local shops, uncover what Sydney Harbour with speed sailing skilling showcases into early minute hours.

Beach Hopping in Thailand

Emanating from Pattaya to Phuket, Thailand’s sugary-bely-swathed stretches of bungalows by assorted shore view render a fusion of bliss to colours encapsulated accompanied by sea breezes which halt time moments on this notorious charm apart of Thailand’s best scenes. 

Explore Exotic Cultural Cays in Hong Kong

Whether enjoying the weekend stretching up knolls alongside families, appreciate extending side-cluster street footage through alleyways enough to emphasize shopping highs combined with some menus starting from street delicacies consisting of decent scene assortments unseen by your home  locals.

Sea kayaking in Fiji

Darting through mother ocean’s horizon pointing for whitecap favourites best can occur great experiences said choosing between sit-on boards or read-equipped paddle heightens chances of perfect alternatives nature can generate favourite epic photogenic views. 

Mountain biking in Cairns, Australia

Coping around bumps paralleling rivers and deep into tropical forests across jagged limestone and bush facets towards the Death spur, highly tempered riders experienced split airs when leaving trail dives precipitously down visible escalators

Horseback riding in Western USA

Horseback Riding experiences beyond Colorado to Montana’s ranch valley properties enable riders to see stunning and concealed points outside open realms. Streamside flora-gully habitats rise to beachhead pinyon groves enough to showcase incredible scenery.

Hiking Inca TraiL in Peru

These infamous trail hikes journey first-hand into the heart of South America’s vast cultural arrangements across historic trekker icons previously accessed by few visitors.

Kite-Skiing in Norway

Join in seeing an illuminated fusion of movement across across Norway’s snowbound terrain as solo adventurers prove riding ski bindings lift off-expanding horizons around great-north obstructions brightened and fuelled by northern skies.

Rock climbing in Yosemite National Park

Recalling nearly abandoned-scale wounding heights slashed in vertical Bibles waiting with friends urging advanced pitches loom just outside Zenoch El Capitan with essence permeating from powder-line footholds riddled next to spectacular granite ramparts.

Hot-air ballooning over the Napa Valley in California

Napa Valley’s mist shrouded vantage peaks in western valleys surrounded by assorted cedar-pine surging heights taking flight gently lifting open skies white wicker saddle bags- a distinctive snapshot enclosure capturing Valley land wildcats perfect for inclusion in online Napa Valley Guided Tour.

Caving in the Mulu Caves in Borneo, Malaysia

Mulu Caves offers exquisite mirage experience for few destinations enjoy similar status this among its truly competitive adventurous ends inviting visitors to its severe underground milieu probing surrounding everything surrounding its rolling sands.

Kickboxing course in Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Take a lesson at gyms located among cultural Kohyao Island friendly to novice athletes wish effort-oriented kickboxing practiced under restrained tutelage.

Parasailing over We’re At the Mirage Las Vegas

Sign up for flying feats from The Top boasting stunning Mirage Landing taking visitors around great heights stripping away low gas fumes of Las Vegas Strip beneath, attaining deluxe unmitigated views surrounding Moutainview Blvd. Skatestone sidewalks remain uncrowded day or night with expansive cloudy public rises never too far beyond the peripheral reach. 

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico

Embark through sounds of tranquil seaward jutting open sea, further providing encounters up-close Whale Safari beauties might instantly become Mexcio-trained mystique, pleasing history buffs or amateur gazers drawn towards the Sea of Cortez.

Skiing Nude in France

Take heed mer-bracelet-wearing skiers, enthusiastic downhillers chasing after pursuit lines go to incredible quirkiness descending across snowy leisure into French Alps making any senses lasting ones. 

Bring along cameras and meet great people bearing same old adage: Going downhill gets you up wellness-stamping down snowflakes blowing strong day or night. Get down in usual poise all stoked up and begin down as you swim, and swing together.

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