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Virginia community colleges convene in Roanoke for educational future glimpse.

Roanoke, VA: Community College Leaders Discuss the Future of Education

Leaders of community colleges gathered in Roanoke on Wednesday to delve into the future of education. The focal point of the discussion was a new plan aimed at prioritizing job placement for high school graduates.

Concerns Over Declining Education Completion Rates

During the retreat held at the Hotel Roanoke, the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System expressed concern over the declining number of students completing their education. This concern has been further highlighted by Governor Youngkin’s recent announcement to ensure higher education for all high school graduates.

Expanding Opportunities in Community Colleges

To address these challenges, the chancellor emphasized the need to expand opportunities within community colleges.

David Dore, the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System, said, “I believe our system’s critical strength lies in our local colleges being responsive not only to the demands of local employers but also to the local culture.”

Inclusive Approach to Higher Education

In addition to prioritizing job placement, the chancellor’s new action plan aims to target specific groups of individuals seeking higher education.

The plan seeks to reach out to more veterans, parents, and working adults, providing them with greater access and support for pursuing higher education.


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