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Victory Capital Management cuts Strategic Education holdings by 25.1%.

Victory Capital Management cuts Strategic Education holdings by 25.1%.

Victory Capital Management Decreases Holdings in Strategic Education by 25.1%

Victory Capital Management Inc., a prominent investment management company, has recently disclosed a decrease in its holdings in Strategic Education, Inc. According to a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission, Victory Capital Management Inc. has reduced its holdings in Strategic Education by 25.1% during the 4th quarter of the year. This brings their ownership stake to approximately 0.81% of the company, valued at $15,573,000.

Strategic Education Overview

Strategic Education, Inc. is a reputable provider of education services. They offer both online and campus-based post-secondary programs that focus on job-ready skills training in various sectors such as business, education, information technology, criminal justice, and healthcare.

The company operates through three primary segments: U.S Higher Education, Australia/New Zealand, and Education Technology Services. Subdivisions like Strayer University, Hackbright Academy, and Devmountain provide specialized programs in undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as non-degree web and mobile application development courses.

Financial Analysis of Strategic Education

As of the recent report, Strategic Education’s shares opened at $71.50 with a market value of $1.76 billion. The stock has a P/E ratio of 45.83 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.06. Its beta is 0.63 and the current ratio stands at 1.48, indicating the company’s ability to meet immediate financial obligations.

Considering Victory Capital Management’s Decision

While Victory Capital Management’s decrease in holdings may seem questionable based on the current state of Strategic Education, it is important to consider that investment decisions are complex and involve many factors. Victory Capital Management may have acquired assets in rival companies, contributing to their change in investment strategy.

The Complexity of Managing Financial Portfolios

The reduction of holdings in Strategic Education by Victory Capital Management highlights the intricate nature of managing investments and navigating various business dynamics. This decision is not necessarily permanent, but it sheds light on the importance and complexity of managing financial portfolios.

Strategic Education: Investing in Campus and Online Post-Secondary Education Programs

Strategic Education, Inc. specializes in offering education services through campus and online post-secondary education programs. The company’s three segments – U.S. Higher Education, Australia/New Zealand, and Education Technology Services – provide a range of educational offerings.

Investment Activity and Analyst Ratings

Institutional investors, including Voya Investment Management LLC, Teachers Retirement System of The State of Kentucky, Linden Thomas Advisory Services LLC, State of Wyoming, and Systematic Financial Management LP, have recently modified their holdings in Strategic Education. This reflects the financial community’s recognition of the long-term potential associated with the company. reports fluctuations in the company’s stock, with analysts at Bank of America cutting their price target on shares. However, VNET Group and Barrington Research maintain an “outperform” rating on Strategic Education with a price target set at $110.00.

Internal Success and Dividends

Strategic Education’s Q1 2017 earnings showed improved earnings per share compared to forecasts, indicating growth in a challenging economic climate. The company also pays out dividends quarterly, offering a dividend yield of approximately 3.36% annually.

Investing in Strategic Education

Considering the positives and negatives surrounding Strategic Education’s performance and prospects, investing in the company’s strong fundamentals and blended learning opportunities could be profitable for investors seeking short-to-long term gains and regular dividend income.


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