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Top 5 Vitamins for Thicker Hair

Vitamins to help bring life back into limp strands of hair

When it comes to hair care, we all want to have the fullness, thickness and shine that we see in the glossy advertisements. While hair health is affected by numerous factors; genetics, hair-care routine, humidity, and exposure to pollution, nutrition also plays a key role in its strength and vitality. Fortunately, eating a balanced diet or supplementing with some specific vitamins and minerals can help to bolster healthy hair. Here are the top five nutrients that promote thicker, fuller hair.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A boosts scalp health and moisture levels as it helps our glands to produce an essential hydration agent called sebum. This rich oily substance also blankets the scalp, and without enough sebum, hair becomes dry and stiff. This deterioration of the scalp can lead to slowed hair growth and brittle, fuller hair that breaks easily. You’ll find vitamin A in many leafy vegetables, orange and red-colored fruits like carrots, apricots, and iconic seasonal champs, pumpkin.

2. The B vitamin complex

This includes Biotin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B12. Together they adhere to create hair that has its strength to gripping nutrients for a better structure making it look more lively and fuller. Anything that fits into B_category strengthens the hair follicles and thereby makes less hair fall promoting hair growth as it supports healthy hair. Find this critical vitamin by eating whole grains, green leafy vegetables, eggs, nuts, beans and peas.

3. Vitamin C

The benefits of Vitamin C being known to many of us, to everyone’s surprise little did anyone know that it promotes hair growth too. This antioxidant protects the hair against the damage caused by free radicals after exposure to UV rays from the sun. This powerhouse antioxidant also plays a vital role in scalp circulation enhancing aiding growth as damaged blood vessels can affect the vital components that would otherwise promote the locks luster. You can obtain vitamin C naturally in plenty of veggies especially capsicum and guava.

4. Vitamin E

Vitamin E harmonizes moisture and brings optimal blood flow to the scalp, nourishing the hair follicles. It suppresses inflammation that may interfere with good hair growth via oxidative stress during the anagen cycle of hair growth. Good sources of vitamin E are Nuts and natural Nut butters, raw seeds like sunflower, spinach, avocado and sweet potato – it lends its health boosting properties to hair making it look fuller and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D ingestion is of much less since one only requires sun exposure of around 15-30 minutes per day. Getting enough sun exposure will not only regulate key functions such as calcium metabolism but also active stages maintain fulfillment of minerals and vitamin D receptors production that manages the expansion of thick and many growing hair follicles. This is all the easier with the right natural vitamin D supplements accessible easily online. It plays an active part in fraying hair reduction by regulating hormonal causes.


You may choose to consume foods that happen to provide more of your preferred vitamin supplements or take supplements after guidance from your healthcare professional. These top 5 essential vitamins and minerals – simultaneously address the different aspects of healthy hair by nourishing the scalp while protecting against UV rays and harmful inflammation thus strengthening and empowering a healthy hair shaft structure and bolster thickness of your locks – all with just the right nutrition. It is important to note that over-consumption of supplements is not recommended so a balanced diet would a great focal point when it comes to consuming the daily nutrients for beautiful and luscious hair.

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