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Top 20…Why Smart People Can’t Explain These Strange Phenomena

Top 20: Strange Phenomena Unexplained by Smart People

The Top 20 Strange Phenomena that Even Smart People Struggle to Explain

The Unexplainable World

Humanity has come a long way in terms of science, technology, and the overall understanding of various phenomena that occur in the universe. However, over the centuries, there have been many strange and inexplicable events that even smart people have failed to explain. In this article, we’re going to explore the top 20 bizarre and enigmatic occurrences that leave some of the most brilliant minds scratching their heads.

The Crop Circle Mystery

For decades, intricate geometric shapes have been carved into fields of crops. The patterns seem too complex and too precise to be the work of some human artists, but scientists have never figured out exactly how they’re made.

Ball Lightning

Ball lightning is a phenomenon that occurs during thunderstorms when spherical glowing objects float in mid-air. It is an incredible sight, but nobody knows what causes it yet.

The Mystery of Déjà Vu

Have you ever experienced that sense of familiarity when you encounter something for the first time? This inexplicable sensation is known as déjà vu, and while it’s been studied for decades, scientists are yet to understand the reasoning behind it.

Dancing Sunlight

During sunrise or sunset, a strange light phenomenon occurs causing the sun to dance or shimmer. The optical explanation of this results in bright daylight rays breaking down in the dense atmosphere, causing the image to appear as a reflex.

Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain is a mysterious phenomenon where individuals feel pain from a limb that is no longer there. Despite considerable research, scientists are still no closer to understanding how phantom sensations are processed by the human brain.

The Disappearance of the Plane, the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle refers to an area between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, where dozens of planes and ships have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. There are many theories, although none of them have been confirmed by scientists.

The Bloop Sound

In 1997, a massive underwater sound resembling a deep monster growl was identified near Antarctica. Such sound impinged NOAA’s set listening devices, being detected no less than a distance of 5,000 kilometers apart. To this day, the source and nature remain unknown.

The Moving Rocks of Racetrack Playa

At Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, the United States, rocks move across the surface of the salt flats and can leave trails up to hundreds of meters. Despite all the efforts to observe this sneaky happening taking place in action humans have been offered an explanation meteorologists solely rule as untrue.

Talking to the Dead

The notion that it is possible to communicate with people who have passed on, through a psychic medium or other means appear to be some of the unexplainable phenomena.

The Taos Hum

A mysterious buzz-like hum is heard by many people in Taos, New Mexico. Although the frequency doesn’t fall within the human hearing threshold, it’s very much audible. Scientists are still unsure what mechanism is, in fact, causing the sounds.

Ancient Alien Structures

The existence of megalithic structures across the world has many theories on how humans from prehistoric eras constructed them. Were ancient aliens responsible for building landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Stonehenge? Science evidence is inconclusive, as their ability is still being questioned.


The ability to communicate mind-to-mind without any existing visual or auditory aid is frequently described by extrasensory perception (ESP). A persistence which has continued to evade neutral research both ethically and methodologically.

The Existence of a Soul

Religions provided faith that after someone’s death, the soul of a person continues on to variously heavenly or hellish states. Questioning whether the human soul exists before or after death becomes a topic dependent on subjective experience.

The Cure of Faith

It seems impossible that the idea of positive literary content or inspiring works of art could heal life-threatening diseases but for some incredible phenomenon this has been noted to save lives.

The Moon Illusion

This optic illusion causes the full moon to appear much bigger when it hangs closer to the horizon. The shift in size is just an illusion in spatial perception, though there is some largely unhelpful scientific speculation going around.

The Third Eye

The third eye seemingly refers to a gate that portrays such things as open psychic perceptions and chakra theory in the ‘sixth chakra’ in Hindu tradition teaches almost as a secret knowledge.

The Concept of Time, Its Effect to World’s History

The concept of time generates questions, determining accurately different time frames of events can generate answers, and sometimes prove unconclusive. It appears unexplained as throughout history, either prehistoric or modern, the idea of time has been altered open transposed or written in completely contrary record alongside impactful revelation or events.

The Human Brain at Work

The function or complexity of the human brain becomes so confusing to commonly unsettled mechanisms that has accounted for very historical problems including amnesia, dyslexia, some psychological disorders and lack of creativity or general knowledge hence the unresolved question deserves respect.

The Wonders of Reality Improvement

The unsettling idea that exists but it is rarely understood in depth People are intellectually detached from their own existence and realize that the concept of other dimensions presents differently while experiencing illusions, hallucinations or complete coverages supported by decades of faith in technologies

The Closing

The explanations of the strange phenomena in the universe seem enlightening in retrospect but they provide room for deeper conversations when humankind continues collecting knowledge and open-minded views to our functioning. It is stunning to acknowledge how little is still known in the universe itself.

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