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Top 20 Unsolved Mysteries: Loch Ness Monster

20 Unsolved Mysteries

Are you fond of mysteries and enigmas? Check out these top 20 unsolved mysteries that continue to haunt our thoughts and give goosebumps to people all around the world. Read on to experience puzzling twists and turns that have stood the test of time and curiosity.

The Legendary Creature of Loch Ness

Located in the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness is a freshwater lake extending more than 20 miles long and around 800ft deep, and within it lives its very own celebrity: the Loch Ness Monster. Commonly known as “Nessie”, it’s an enigmatic creature that has sparked the human imagination and served as the always-unsolved mystery for explorers for almost a century!

What It Looks Like?

While people from all over the world describe Nessie differently, there is a common narrative, which illustrates it as some huge sea serpent or a dragon-like creature, with a long neck protruding from the water or at times, resembles a swimming elephant in shape.

First Sightings

The Loch Ness Monster storylines back to ancient times, but the first recorded sighting was in 565 AD when a legend tells us that an early Scottish saint, St. Columba, saved a man bathing in the lake, who was attacked by a water beast in Lough Na beiste (Loch of the monster.).

Modern Sightings

In 1933, the monster was revived by a respected maker, John Mackay, who claimed that he had seen “something” move across the loch-shaped like a dragon, in Loch Ness. From this point onwards, Nessie seized the limelight of a fascinated, curious audience.

Theories and Investigations

Countless theories abound arguing for and against having a live animal splashing around in the midst of the Loch Ness, ranging from considering it to be either an Archaeozoological Culprit, a rotting tree trunk, or a group of swimming eels.

Several scientific expeditions have taken place over the years, using different high-end technology such as sonar, laser scan water profiles, even satellite mapping, and infrared technology to try to detect something as rare and fabled as Nessie, but they all finished the same-Lacking a consistent behavior and virtually non-existent evidence- leading to more speculation than factual evidence collected.

New sighting: 2019

In January 2019, the famous picture was released, appearing to depict the Loch Ness Monster, showing the so-called serpent-like animal to be approximately 33 feet long. Later on, it turned out to be the staging-picture for a documentary on the unknown phenomenal creature; that’s what some people think.

Perhaps we shall never resolve the longstanding Loch Ness Legend, but with inquiries taking place regularly, there will certainly never be a scarcity of witnesses or speculation about them when it comes to this fascinating phenomenon.

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