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Top 20 Must-See Tourist Attractions Around the World

Take a Tour of the Top 20 Must-See Tourist Attractions Around the World

Exploring the world is a dream of every travel enthusiast, which is why we have compiled a list of the top 20 must-see tourist attractions around the world that will enhance your adventure game. There is something enchanting about experiencing the culture and beauty of different countries where you can marvel at the magnificent works from nature and those shaped by human hands.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Embark on a journey to Egypt’s iconic Great Pyramid of Giza and gaze at its stunning masterfulness. This mausoleum attracts millions of people with its immense size and fascinating antiquity.

The Taj Mahal

Cross boundaries to visit India’s symbol of love itself- The Taj Mahal, where you can roam the halls to witness fine artistry and immerse yourself in the beauty of this wonder of the world.

The Colosseum

Unleash your historical fantasies with a trip to Italy’s treasure-the Colosseum. Get lost in an ancient era as you walk on the same path as gladiators, making you feel infatuated with the place.

Machu Picchu

Peruvian highlands’ Machu Picchu stands to astonish one for its monumental site, placed dramatically in the grasp of the Andes at an altitude of above 7 000ft.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Found in London city, The collection of Big Ben and the houses of parliament highlights great British engineering and vibrant streets, revealing the financial eminence in Britain’s past and current period.

The Eiffel Tower

Get along with France’s culture-stirring structure, the Eiffel tower. It is a tower that majors as the most notable landmark of France’s dreamy territory, providing practical views from far length settings.

Statue of Liberty

Stand with resilience in front of the Statue of Liberty and peep into the heart of America’s major melting pot. Atop New York’s harbor, it’s filled with message urges its audience to cherish its spot in the Statue of Liberty Museum.

The Great Wall of China

Surrounded by China’s steamrolled suburban-outback goes the longest human-made quality-the Great Wall of China. It assimilates many travelers looking for steep hikes – if you want to power your energy is undeniably upon you.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon tells of a history of colorful scope identifying an esteemed and skilled geologic sequence around the vicinity of the canyons. It remains one of most astonishingly, bodily attributes to the earth.

Petra Ruins

The Petra ruins aren’t only thought to be one of the world’s top-rated treks but a reflection of tradesmen groups dating back to about 300 BCE. There’s no doubt why Petra found its way to regard as one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World.”

The Great Barrier Reef

Cut into the earth near Queensland in Australia’s epic play hosts the globe’s largest coral and coral sea species; it’s daunted to hinder further destruction.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Added to the “being a mighty construction done aside Italian pride” bandwagon is unquestionably the slanting tower hallmarks Italy’s Piazza dei Miracoli or Italy Square of Miracles. Spellbindingly, and where one might ask why, it expresses mystery crested with err in helping an unmoved structure.

Ancient Wonders of Petra

Stepping towards savoring resources of a civilization, Petra opened up to spectators during the early 19th century. Many travelers find immense joy from spending two daylight &smashing endeavoring heights of area scenery through terrain surrounding chariots at battle mix up landscape paths.


Join in worship services accomplished at Stonehenge while commemorating significant overall summertime sunlight moments. The monumental prehistoric formation mesmerizes onlookers long after closing its evening gates.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

It doesn’t just house unknown predators in the plot, but is also the platform frequented at describing natural wonder sites, crocodile abundant serpent land, giraffes etc. Stock heightened reconnaissance watching for carnivore heavyweights, with creatures circulator view-endemic throughout Tanzania.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls has an invisibilitas globale position to many, towering about 2600ft upright above Venezuela’s northern expanse of wilderness. Captioned accurately grasps an accurate identical moment truth being those who have observed Angel Falls: capturing Beauty.

Tikal, Guatemala

Ceremonial spirit comes about across this mystical estate through Tikal, located within the north-central countryside. These prehistoric ruins denote history still yet to be explored by the ardor of magnetizing tourists inclined with a longing for great proportions of knowledge, a lively site basking dawn viewers’ passions throughout unique tropical movement drafts in the grassy prairie.

Sydney Opera House

Emerging from splashes of silver ridgelike waters, Sydney’s right of entry to modern custom support ensures influential designer to life by the Sydney Opera House. Sydney’s harbors border restful temperance only serves better kept secret of rock-pop audiences edging great prosperity tourist attendance each year since foundation landmarks account for natural texture line-up systems discovered in the Amphitheatre greens.

Milan Cathedral

The intricate details of the different architectural designs ingrained in Milan Cathedral are a beauty to behold, revealing impressive artistic creativity. This turquoise mosque remained open for worshipers despite being home to captivating art thus makes for an exquisite sight.


In conclusion, igniting a sense of awe is an inherent feat of these top 20 must-see tourist attractions around the world. Journeys to the uttermost ends of kingdoms will reveal how pieces of nature and historic accounts existent and dreamy mix.

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