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Top 10 TV Series You Can’t Miss This Year!

Get Ready for Some Binge-Watching! Here are the Top 10 TV Series Not to be Missed:

1. Game of Thrones:

The eighth and final season of this epic fantasy series is nothing less than worth dying for. It promises to conclude the complex tale of knights, dragons, and a battle for the throne, in a stylish and cinematic finale.

2. Stranger Things:

The science-fiction series set in the 80s has won hearts worldwide, and the upcoming third season is set to continue the legacy with its versatile cast and paranormal plot.

3. The Crown:

The historical drama featuring the reign of Queen Elizabeth II creates supreme tension and exceptional performances. After two successful seasons, fans are eagerly waiting to witness what this celebrated royal will do next.

4. American Horror Story:

From ghosts to clowns and witches, the horror anthology series has an exciting plot and endless twists-one of the reasons, which earned its dedicated fans. The newest season, based on the 1984 slasher genre, looks to be another unnerving hit affair.

5. Big Little Lies:

This HBO standout cast returns onscreen for its second installment of juicy secrets and bitter truths. The season premiere aboard Meryl Streep looks promising!

6. Sex Education:

This Netflix original has been a personal favorite for many, with its unique binge-worthy narrative on teen sexuality and identity, who seek peace with themselves.

7. Westworld:

The artificial world created on dark sci-fi can excite any addict. And the third season is rife with potential theories!

8. Killing Eve:

The spy thriller, starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, delivered edge-of-the-seat moments last season. And the story arc of Eve and Villanelle continues for their blood-curdling and often hilariously funny rivalry.

9. Orange is the New Black:

Piper’s prison journey is coming to an end, but that itself is enough to keep loyal ‘Orange’ fans well-stocked away. A treat from Netflix, always.

10. Fosse/Verdon:

The incredible true story of creative partners Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon is acted out by – Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams make up for, what was publicized as a complex performance of putting their heads, and hearts together.

Although television is filled with fabulous, remarkable series worth-picking, this eleven-digit line-up comes at the top of our list begging us not to ignore. So cosy up onto your couches and get started!

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