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Top 10 Mysterious Encounters with Extraterrestrial Beings

Top 10 Mysterious Encounters with Extraterrestrial Beings

Uncovering the Top 10 Mysterious Encounters with Extraterrestrial Beings

For years, people have reported shocking encounters with extraterrestrial beings. While some are likely hoaxes or misidentified phenomena, there are a few that have yet to be explained away. The following are the top 10 mysterious encounters with extraterrestrial beings of all time.

The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

The Hills were trading out of Canada to a trip home to the United States when they encountered something otherworldly. The couple reported seeing a craft in the sky that followed them, and later woke up feeling dazed and confused with memories of strange beings.

Phoenix Lights

On March 13, 1997, hundreds of people witnessed strange V-shaped lights in the sky above Phoenix, Arizona. While some reported seeing a straight object, others reported seeing multiple otherworldly craft. Despite a detailed explanation from the US Air Force, no one knows for sure what they saw.

The Aurora UFO Incident

In 1897, a spaceship from Mars allegedly crashed in the small Texas town of Aurora. According to reports, the alien pilot died in the accident and was buried in an unmarked grave in the town’s cemetery.

The Portage County UFO Chase

When several Ohio college students were travelling in a car back in 1966, they saw a strange bright light following them. The car supposedly floated off the road and into a ditch as they were chased by the extraterrestrial craft. The incident caused a wave of panic in the town and still haunts the region today.

Rendlesham Forest Incident

The Rendlesham Forest Incident happened late in 1980, when US Air Force security officers in Suffolk, England encountered a bright light descending within the trees. Some 36 years on, the role of the nearby Nuclear Ordnance Depot continues to fuel the legend of the incident as the fifth kind of contact encounters around the world.

Kecksburg Analysis

In 1965, tens of people across the east coast witness a fireball in the sky. Though later proven to be revealed as falling pieces of a Russian craft, the sighting did clear one thing up: something big enough to be recovered shot across parts of across Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Pennsylvania before finally crashing near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

Bob Lazar’s Claims of Working with UFOs in Area 51

Former science technician Robert Scott Lazar shortly claimed in the mid-’90s that he had been hired to reverse-engineer the propulsion system of several crafts reportedly owned by the US Air Force. Lazar recounted meetings with aliens being held to be displayed for a handpicked audience every Wednesday at midnight, all the time working on these aircrafts on Area 51

Brazilian Island Abduction

Twelve Brazilian construction workers were abducted and subjected to otherworldly experimentation on an ancient island back in the 1950s. They later, walked-through aboreal eggs, to establish that they had been taken aboard said objects. It’s now suspected that the objects switched positions within the Galaxy, hours at the have stated that such things were unbelievable. However, sources, including official military documents, confirm that the investigation was legitimate.

Flatwoods Monster Sighting

In 1952, a group of people in Flatwoods, West Virginia allegedly witnessed a large alien figure with glowing red eyes shoot through the forest. The strange story terrorised the otherwise normal small town very much that drawn much flak in conspiracy’s nedd. Understandably perhaps that extra publicity helped contributed to the town’s tourism.

Socorro UFO Landing

New Mexico may now become synonymous with Area 51, but one 1964 encounter occurred a few hours out of the city, in the small town of Socorro. A lone officer claimed he saw an egg-shaped vehicle precariously developed for light travellers, outpace him upon a remote road during a rescue call. The brown stand-out statue with singular ‘partially-erased swastika’ allegedly proudly featured the secret insignia of the visitors, in conclusion stymying investigations to dangerous foreign locations.

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