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Top 10 Most Curious Facts About Asteroids

Top 10 Most Curious Facts About Asteroids

Top 10 Most Curious Facts About Asteroids

Not All Asteroids are Round

Most people think that all asteroids are round but it’s not entirely true! In fact, there are so called “potato” shaped asteroids which have a more uneven shape that may look like a sweet potato, for example.

Asteroids Can be Different Sizes

Some asteroids are very small, while others can grow to enormous sizes. For example, the largest known asteroid is called Ceres and it has a diameter of about 590 miles – that’s about one quarter the size of the Moon.

Asteroids are Constantly Moving

Asteroids don’t stay in the same place in our solar system. They can travel quite far and can be found in between planets as well as around them.

Asteroids Have Very Different Compositions

Asteroids can be simple rocky objects, or they can be much more complex and contain valuable minerals and metals such as platinum or gold. The rare metals present in asteroids could be worth trillions of dollars, making asteroids a valuable source of resources for space mining programs.

Asteroids Could Collide with Earth

While you normally don’t have to worry about seeing an asteroid up close during your lifetime, there is a chance that one may collide with Earth which could have catastrophic consequences depending on the size and impact location.

Asteroids are Older Than Earth

Asteroids are some of the oldest objects in our solar system, with some believed to be as old as the Solar System itself. These space rocks have a story to tell about the early days of our universe.

Asteroids Alter Orbits of Other Celestial Bodies

Asteroids’ gravity can change the orbit of nearby planets or moons, which means that they play a significant role in how our solar system is structured and functions.

Asteroids Can be Simple or Complex Shapes

While some asteroids have more of a potato-like shape, others have unique, intricate shapes that make them all the more interesting to study.

Asteroids Are Closer Than You Think

Asteroids are closer than you realize! Some asteroids will travel very close to Earth, and even inside the orbit of the Moon. Studying them will tell scientists more about their behavior and tell us how similar they could be to Earth’s composition.

Asteroids Could Prevent Interstellar Catastrophic Collisions

Asteroids could play an important role in maintaining the delicate balance of our Solar System, by preventing collisions from larger celestial bodies like comets or asteroids that could impact Earth or other nearby planets.

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