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The Worst Decisions in Business History

The Worst Decisions in Business History

The Worst Decisions in Business History


In the world of business, decision-making can play a significant role in shaping the course of success or failure. While some choices lead to new heights, others have resulted in disastrous outcomes. Let’s delve into a light-hearted tour of unforgettable missteps made by well-known companies and entrepreneurs throughout history. Learn from these blunders and avoid falling into the same traps.

Unveiling New Coke

In 1985, Coca-Cola executives decided to revamp their classic formula by launching New Coke. This reformulation received an overwhelmingly negative response from customers. Firmly rooted in nostalgia, people took to the streets protesting against the change, creating an enormous PR nightmare for the iconic beverage manufacturer. Consequently, Coca-Cola was forced to reintroduce their original formula as Coca-Cola Classic, highlighting the questionable decision to change a winning recipe.

The Nokia Bet on Windows

Adored for their robust phones prior to the smartphone era, Nokia made a fateful choice to adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, dropping their own Symbian platform. Unfortunately, this strategic shift proved to be a fatal miscalculation. Despite Nokia’s loyal user base, Windows Phones failed to gain significant market share and left the Finnish company lagging behind competitors like Apple and Samsung. Savvy consumers opted for other cutting-edge alternatives, contributing to Nokia’s eventual decline in the mobile phone market.

Kodak Shies Away from Digital Evolution

Remember those disposable cameras and film rolls? Well, Kodak had the unfortunate distinction of not embracing the digital revolution when it emerged. Instead, they stuck with their traditional film production. The decision rested on the belief that digital photography would not be able to compete, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. Their refusal to adapt and invest in digital cameras ultimately led Kodak to file for bankruptcy in 2012, forcing the once pioneering company to fade into obscurity and leaving only nostalgic memories behind.

AOL Merges with Time Warner

In 2000, the merger between internet services provider AOL and media conglomerate Time Warner was viewed as the ultimate deal-of-the-century. Unfortunately, soon after the ink dried, the company encountered myriad challenges. Incompatibilities between the two entities’ corporate cultures combined with declining AOL subscriptions spelled disaster. Ultimately, the disastrous deal cost Time Warner billions of dollars and tainted the reputation of both companies. An example of how even multi-billion dollar partnerships can fall flat in the face of incompatibility.

Enron’s Downfall

Ah, the tale of Enron, once an energy powerhouse operating in creativity and falsehoods. The infamous collapse of Enron in 2001 stemmed from a catastrophic combination of fraudulent activities, hidden debts, and manipulated earnings reports. Through intricate accounting techniques and unethical practices, Enron’s executives managed to deceive investors, employees, and regulatory authorities. However, the truth was revealed and led to global repercussions, including job losses and compromised pensions. Enron’s demise remains the epitome of corporate corruption and a severe warning against unchecked moral conduct.


The annals of business history are riddled with stories of brave decisions that propelled companies to soaring successes, but also fraught with cautionary tales of terrible decisions that led to grave consequences. Reflecting on these poor choices helps us acknowledge the importance of informed decision-making, the value of flexibility, and the hazards of hubris in the fast-paced world of business. So, with history as our guide, let us stride forward, mindful of the lessons learned, to create our own triumphs while avoiding the miserable missteps that litter the past.

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