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The Whisperings of the Dark: A Selection of the World’s Most Puzzling Conspiracy Theories

The Mysterious World of Conspiracy Theories

In a world where information is just a click away, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. And with the rise of social media, conspiracy theories are rampant. Some conspiracy theories are more believable than others, but all of them have one thing in common: they tap into our fear of the unknown.

The Whisperings of the Dark: A Selection of the World’s Most Puzzling Conspiracy Theories

The Whisperings of the Dark is a book that delves into some of the world’s most perplexing conspiracy theories. Written by Mark Davids and published in 2017, it explores strange and unexplained events, provides alternative explanations for them and unravels many secrets we don’t know about the world.

The Nefarious New World Order

This conspiracy theory alleges that there is a secret group of elites who are planning to dominate the world. These “elites” for this proponents of the idea are composed of influential politicians, corporate leaders, and even powerful celebrities. The end goal of the New World Order supposedly centers around creating a single global government by rigging elections, controlling the media and the financial system, and scrubbing away the sovereignty of independent nations.

The Time Travel Conspiracy

This conspiracy theory suggests that time travel already exists, but the information is being kept top secret by governments worldwide. It is believed that world leaders – both past and present – are able to travel back and forth in time, sometimes using that power to influence historical events in their favor. People who believe in the theory, speculate that famous leaders or popular pop icons could be travelers from far or recent past.

The Faked Moon Landing

This is one of the more popular conspiracy theories out there. It suggests that the Americans never landed on the moon and instead staged the event CIA to create a façade of supremacy over the then-USSR. Moon landing truthers claim that the lighting and shadows present in the “moon landing” footage couldn’t possibly exist on the lunar surface. In their opinion, NASA never possessed the technical ability to pull this off, but instead, they faked it to make it.

Conspiracy of Clones

Some people believe that cloning technology exists and that it has been used to create genetically enhanced politicians or celebrities. They posits that some leaders have certain unusual I.Q, unusual ability to reason strategically and could jump from poverty straight to political stardom. The conspiracy spins that such a flaw indicates they might have been the prototype clones of human-animal hybrids or mutated beings.

Final Thoughts

Those are just a tip of what is in The Whisperings of the Dark. The book talks your through the tantalizing maze of beliefs and cover-ups that leave no aspect of your daily lives free from suspicion. From Pope John Paul’s initiation into the deadly World Satanist Church, conspiracy theories like those found in The Whisperings of the Dark make it a worthy read if you’re not afraid of having your thoughts scrambled albeit with remarkable suspense and scandal.

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