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The Weirdest and Wackiest Trends: Bizarre Edition

The Craziest Trends: Down the Rabbit Hole

Taco Bell Weddings

If you’re someone who loves Taco Bell more than anything in this world, and would consider exchanging vows amidst burrito wrappers and hot sauce packets, then this trend might just be what you’ve been waiting for! Taco Bell actually offers a $600 wedding package! Their wedding package Includes a ceremony at a Taco Bell location of your choosing, with an of onsite officiant, customized merchandise such as sauce packet garter and bow tie and last, but definitely not the least, the Taco 12 Pack, which probably makes every wonderful wedding memorable event.

Glossy Lips For Men

Traditionally, glossy lips have been associated with women’s makeup trends. However, the beauty industry has now made lipstick or lip-dedicated gloss products (including lip gloss, foundation and balm) specifically for men. Who could have predicted years ago that beeswax, castor and jojoba oil with hydrating vitamins would help guys keep up with their glossy looks?

Zombie-Themed Proms

Since typical proms are not ghastly, deformed and likely to stalk you on the dance floor, there is a trend towards horror/ zombie-themed proms, especially for students who are fans of the hit TV series ‘The Walking Dead’. These folks decorate venue in a way across the hall designed to look filthy and spattered with glowing, creamy green and rotating disco lights, with perfect zombie touches. Program themes include infected dates, zombie dance offs and you can diagnose the music of Thriller being played on audio tracks to match the mood.

Multiple Eye Colors

The craze for multi-colored eyes is at an all-time high. The concept of heterochromia ignites spectacular eyes that indicates different colours in eyes, multiple tones matching naturally polished with clothing accessories. What’s more chic than calling people’s attention to your refreshing and interesting multi-eyed optical illusion?

In Conclusion

These peculiar trends prove yet again that creativity knows no bounds. Though unpredictable, you never know what strange thrill may loom forward. So brace up, who knows, the next interesting, bizarre but lovable trend may totally uplift our dystopian views of the universe.

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