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The Untold Story Behind Famous Historical Politicians

The Secrets Behind Famous Historical Politicians

A Glimpse of Power, Greed, and Ambition: The Real Story Behind Today’s Most Famous Politicians

The Untold Story of Abraham Lincoln

Ask any American about one of their significant national icons, and one name that is sure to come up is Abraham Lincoln. He is known for freeing American slavery, his speeches at Gettysburg, and his sense of humor. But did you know that Lincoln struggled with depression for most of his life? Or that he was a licensed bartender and often enjoyed a drink?

The Man Behind the Father of the Nation, George Washington

George Washington is arguably one of America’s most crucial founding fathers, ‘the Father of the Nation.’ From the legendary, dramatic stories that we learned in grade school, we think we know George Washington’s life perfectly: chopping down the cherry tree or leading troops across the Delaware River in terrible winter conditions. But did you know that George Washington was a savvy businessman who married incredibly well with his wealthy, history-rich wife, Martha Custis? Significantly, his extensive estate holdings kept him in debt and owed multiple banking institutions.

The Myth versus The Man, Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar – the name alone evokes strong emotions or a “rubicon crossing” moment, perhaps. His power, ambition, and subsequent assassination shape most people’s views of him, as well as countless books, movies, and plays written through the ages. However, many ideas we have about Caesar originate from biased sources, mainly an acclaimed in-present-day, classics-seated thinker wielding wisdom: Plutarch. Plutarch, perhaps Caesar’s greatest contemporary scribe, stood by his moral compass rather than factual testament, oftentimes personalizing political actions and ignoring the many individuals integral to those actions.

The Puppet-Master behind a Political Dynasty and with George Bush, Sr.

In political heft and clout, few areas match that of America’s Presidency. In the world of international diplomacy and economics, several world leaders went head-to-head with George H.W. Bush. But more famous than President Bush’s tenure was that of the author-patriarch who captained a dynasty and who tightly held the puppet strings during his Oval Office tenure: George H.W. Bush. Bush, nicknamed Bush Senior, likely had a more significant role in crafting quality presidential policy than anyone may give him credit for. However, to shape the economy or pursue foreign policy objectives, he admittedly did encourage military coups, target countries for repression, and overthrow administrations differ from his vision.

Taking on the mantle of the Presidency in trying times – the John Jr. Kennedy Story

In U.S. politics mythology, John Ft. Kennedy remains ‘Camelot’ par excellence for his exuberant lifestyle and subsequent tragic assassination. However, one of JFK’s most understated secrets involved coping with tremendous back pain that almost hindered in him an intended military career. JFK shrewdly circumvented the debilitating effects of back pain by strengthening his abs with hours of gym sessions, intense swimming exhibitions in his an enclosed pool specially constructed for him could provide him relief from severe depression.


While the mythical stories put forth in history classes come with their charm, seeing the behind-the-scenes dirt of political legends is humbling. The telling of these “hidden histories” helps broaden the understanding of the impact society has on these figures from hot button subjects of U.S. politics to kings seeking advisers. Themes of familial background, personal insecurities, moral personality traits are central to revealing heretofore unheard of intricacies about the heavyweight politicians who once governed and left such remarkable imprints behind.

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