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The Unforgettable Style of the Red Carpet: Best Moments

The Unforgettable Style of the Red Carpet: Best Moments

The Glamorous Versace Dress Worn by Jennifer Lopez in 2000

Who could forget the iconic green Versace dress famously worn by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards in 2000, with its deep plunge that extended beyond her navel? It was one of the most memorable dresses in the history of red carpet events. Jennifer looked stunning in the slender fitting dress that instantly turned into an unforgettable wardrobe moment. The Versace gown became the most searched-for item on the internet at the time, and even more renowned after celebrities like Kim Kardashian recreated it years later.

Nicole Kidman Reigns Supreme in 1997

At the Oscars in 1997, Nicole Kidman showed up in what has become one of the most notorious gowns. The chartreuse velvet floor-length dress had a dangerously checked detail surrounding her neck that extended all over her down her back. Her hair was pulled back in a shiny updo and freshly done face beat added up to the look. She looked nothing short of a Hollywood royalty as photographers rushed to take pictures.

Angelina Jolie’s Leg-Bearing Black Versace Dress of 2012

Angelina Jolie’s black, velvet dress by Versace at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards offers swoon-worthy red-carpet moments we beloved. It was her huge platform heels, and her measured pose together with the sky-high thigh flap which predominated the entire look. The Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress with stunning characteristic told Everyone staring that night became a significant moment, especially with Jolie’s leg trending all over social media.

The Iconic Audrey Hepburn Dress of 1953

Audrey Hepburn proclaimed the epoch of fashion on the red carpets. Her remarkable white dress in the film Sabrina has since been used as a blueprint for so many creations. The cherished A-line silhouette begins with a bateau neckline before widening at the hem with additional folds. The fringes and sophisticated side slit combine to produce the memorable seconds.

Michelle Obama Graces the Red Carpet with Infamous Gown in 2013

Michelle Obama looked nothing short of so elevated luxe on January 2013’s inaugural dance night parade in her fantastic red ruby print dress covering by Jason Wu. Obama looked fantastic and double stylish like never before, brilliantly stepping into the runway and grasping on to concepts that other fashionable wives could not digest.

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