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The Ultimate Culinary Adventure: Top 15 Must-Try Dishes on a Foodie Tour

The Ultimate Culinary Adventure: Top 15 Must-Try Dishes on a Foodie Tour


Are you ready for the ultimate gastronomical adventure? If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, you know how thrilling it is to travel the world and explore different cuisines. A food tour can not only satisfy your hungry taste buds but can also offer a cultural experience. You can indulge in some delectable feasts, whether it’s street food, Michelin-starred restaurants, fine dining, or local establishments. Here are the top fifteen and must-try dishes on a foodie tour.

1. Pad Thai – Thailand

Pad Thai is the national dish of Thailand and the most sought-after seafood. The simple yet irresistible recipe uses rice noodles stir-fried with eggs and bean sprouts, and chicken or prawns, all served in a tangy tamarind sauce.

2. Peking Duck – China

A popular dish in Beijing, you can feast on some lip-smacking Peking duck crispy on the outside and moist and flavorful on the inside. The traditional dish involves roasting a whole duck, served with a pancake, spring onion, and a sweet Kung Pao sauce.

3. Sushi – Japan

This delectable dish has gained immense popularity globally, especially since its inception as a traditional Japanese delicacy. Sushi primarily consists of cooked, seasoned sticky rice and raw seafood, all rolled up, and served with soy sauce and wasabi.

4. Paella – Spain

If you’re visiting Spain, you can’t afford to miss the beautiful savory and flavorful paella, a traditional St Valentin’s casserole-style dish, usually served to share. It comprises a combination of saffron-seasoned rice paired with meats, shellfish, and mixed vegetables.

5. Tacos – Mexico

Tacos are quintessentially Mexican, and you can never go wrong exploring the local street markets, including beachside stalls, in search of these tasty treats. It is usually tender meats, including beef, pork, chicken or vegetables, served in a soft or hard corn tortilla or flour.

6. Lobster Roll – US

Lobster Roll is a mouth-watering, buttery sandwich that originated from Maine, US, and typically features tender lobster meat stuffed in a New England-style bun with a generous knob of butter.

7. Rendang – Indonesia

Rendang is a signature dish from West Sumatra, Indonesia, and consists of slowly cooked beef or chicken in coconut milk curry sauce. The aromatic flavor, blended with traditional herbs and spices makes it the most unique experience.

8. Moussaka – Greece

A traditional food, Moussaka, originated in the Balkans region, is a baked layered dish typically made with finely prepared ground lamb or beef mixed with vegetables like eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes. The dish has a unique mix of flavors of bold spices, cumin, and cinnamon.

9. Escargot – France

When organizing a culinary trip to France, add the Escargot, land snails served as a mouth-watering appetizer. The hot baked delights are usually served with garlic butter and parsley sauce dipped in hot-buttery bread.

10. Biryani – India

Biryani is the most popular Indian Cuisine, experienced globally. It primarily features basmati rice cooked with various aromatic spices like coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, and others. Biryani also comprises tender meat or vegetables cooked with ghee and spicy gravy.

11. Cuban Sandwich – Cuba

Originated in Florida, US, by Cuban Immigrants living there, Cuban Sandwich is now an international favorite sandwich between two slices of sourdough bread filled with slow-roasted pork mixed with Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and tangy mustard.

12. Fried Rice – China

China’s Fried Rice is a classic local cuisine available in almost every street corner establishment in the country. The fried rice is prepared by sauteing vegetables, proteins, and seasoning the cuisine elements with soya sauce and other spices.

13. Baklava – Turkey

Turkish Baklava is deliciously made by placing crunchy thin layers of phyllo dough filled with thin layers of honey and chopped nuts like pistachio, inviting you for another bite.

14. Fish and Chips – UK

The People’s dish and a historic snack of England -Fish, House-cut chips- are worth trying if you are visiting the country. It provides an unparalleled crisp and flakiness is coated deep-fried Battered Chicken satiates the average appetite and satisfies the craving for authentic fast food.

15. Pastry – France

If you ever traveled to France or searched for reputable cheese manufacturers globally, then you inevitably landed in a Mollet Croissant. The testy pastry’s layers are cooked to perfection, which adds crispness to the exterior, and softness and moisture to the interior.


The food jour‌ney twill bring you exceptional culinary and cultural adventures to discover traditional or international cuisines, local ethos, and ordinary people. Fulfilling your foodie pleasures, these dishes should be the perfect way to discover the flavors of the places you visited. Every dish has a story, and each recipe carries a unique cultural identification, so appreciate and enjoy every dish during the journey. Prepare to go on the most exciting and exotic culinary jaunts and gather unique tales of food-hunting! Happy exploring!

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