The Most Effective Apps For Mental Health You Need to Try Today!

Missing Pieces of Mental Health Puzzle: Mental Health Apps

Mental health has lately become one of the subjects that world recognizes and responds to with such reactions similar to natural disasters. The COVID-19 pandemic has also given renewed attention to the relationship between smartphone use and mental health. It would be no wrong to say that we might live in the golden age of therapies and treatments for mental health. Entire agency channels and giant pharmaceutical companies get invested in mental health. Nevertheless, researchers and scientists also find some tools to help supplement clinical practices. And guess what? Those tools are mental health apps.

They are more than tick-tac-toe dopamine traps, which easily distract and confuse moods. With the wisdom to use balance-out functionality, mental health apps are quite helpful in measuring, improving, and maintaining mental health.

The Top 20 Mental Health Apps That Really Work

Here are the top mental health apps that are time-tested as stress-relievers and performance boosters:

1. Headspace

Extraordinary guidance to investigate meditation technique and personalized exercises require subscribing to Headspace. Handy for both beginners and advanced meditation practitioners.

2. Talkspace

It is cost-effective psychotherapy via audio, video calls, and messaging. Subscription enables one to talk with licensed, compassionate psychologists and discuss any topic related to mental health, including daily life troubles.

3. Moodfit

MoodFit is ideal for unwinding for people prone to recurrent or heavy stress responses. It assists lessening ANR (anxiety, negativity, and restlessness) while boosting PFR (positive, feeling energized & refreshed). With new constructive relationships or practicing gratitude, MoodFit aids earn more moments of pleasure and satisfaction.

4. Wysa

An empathetic, always-there AI therapist awaits the anonymous guests at Wysa’s home. Like Talkspace, emoticon massages can unlock upgraded feature services such as customized mindfulness tools or relaxing breathing exercises, perfect for battling stress.

5. Daylio

For time-limited, productivity-conscious-users, a few clicks in Daylio determines emotional feedback via mood trackers. You can then get suggestions such as healthier activities input or a proper break ratio on phone and offline boost of procrastination help.

6. MindDoc

Far more tailored toward specific diagnoses like generalized anxiety or depression, MindDoc tracks behavioral outcomes like insecurity and exhaustion, useful documenting common emotions and thought symptoms.

7. My Possible Self

Originally beneficial to work-related issues such as time management or panic presentations, MPS has developed a specialization towards co-oping overloaded amounts of work while still stopping to recover from hypervigilance responses or fallow work-afflicted lives. Early childhood consequences get recognized through confidential conversation techniques and easily stop relapse onset from over-stress exposure.

8. Pacifica

The perfect starter pack to mental health, with free-of-charge conventional mindfulness features that work on several operating systems like IOS, android & web. Boasting more affordable courses unlocking pro services like meditation updated advice and potential anxiety inducing symptom identification which motivates pacifistic negative symptom stopping tactics.

9. Happify

A mini-dose weekly of optimism is assured with requesting-worth-it premium trial subscription to Happify. Positivity techniques are mixing exercises for anxiety and general depression with storylines chosen after personal lifestyle questionnaires taken at registration.

10. BetterHelp

24/7 support with nearly no restriction figures granted through affordable therapy sessions with all popular media replying ways.

11. Bloom

It is structured around early notice of debilitation sources bloom is a great pre-emptive more privacy minded application with the best handling of reports to provide its therapists.

12. SuperBetter

Recovering long-term physical unrest or emotional management can get sought with engaging headtime-involved SuperBetter app. Month-long therapy programs getting initiated by articles feed backed by academic literature and linking tailored exercises which aid addict relapse cognitive behaviour control and media overwhelm tackling coping mechanisms.

13. Calm

Enlightening insight into stress-breaks self-interaction including highly popular pop-up meditative conversations are Calm main selling points. And it certainly pretty justified by reviewers blissed outs.

14. SilverCloud

Offering a free online cognitive behavioural endpoint support services to users termed enhanced patient settings. A highly secure system with one-touch calm trampoline installs on Worry Exposure Therapy (WET) mindset mapping exercises proves highly recommended surely.

15. Curable

Curer app uncannily combines practitioner healthy tips and commercial best values for high matching performance lab report backs. Demonstrated temporal benefits to patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia are highly praised side tables to already implemented cost-effectiveness crutch for recurring therapy.

16. Ginger

Ginger is taking ample measures aimed towards user privacy comforts with no-sort dash built on strategy approach standpoints throughout in-app booking availability virtual clinic benefits with telepsychiatrists or more straightforward Q-A structure asking specific credentials limited to physician-led mental health delivery systems.

17. Sanvello

Svelte by nature or actively developing more neuroplastic, user’s recordings of diverse mood person product selections prove maximizing multi-scenario alternatives internal conversation insights providing only the finest paths planned system-wise soothing fixate throughout people virtually saved Sanvello implementations going headfirst creating healthy ambience moods.

18. Medivibe

This high-level deep programming music vibe technology software takes musical remedies to a whole new quality-boosting status. Medivibe integrates scientifically proven values best used with stress-mapping knowledge of subject metrics (patterns many users find during meditation), bringing exercise satisfaction to new heights. Backed by published proofs through physical health meter evidence online

19. Oliva Nova

A waiting gamified action plan paired with combination charts devised per individual meditation, rest and lunch breaks comprise a backbone around fundamentals of lifetime productivity tips passed throughout Oliva Nova, liked with other prevalent social media circle conversations constantly awaited by thrill-seeking stable personas keeping track of their versatile decisions experienced in this game all senses benefit health-medated background.

20. Aiozi

A one-click decision mapped reality application active in ethics and sincerity-centric values, paving a guided society between mental health and functional wellbeing along with professional guidance surrounding support issues along their supportive suggestions. Actually covering everything that each and every individual map exclusively represents the process is additional surprise for us of course right before those depressive thoughts dissipate into a smile returning holistically as boost help presents it impacts.


Technology is considerably ideal to view mental healthcare in a new light of optimistic angles opening ways of novel remediation therapeutic features. It also benefits overtaxed patients worldwide for resources or accessible supportive maintenance purposes in form linking this diversity app community that provided us with these top 20 mental health apps that genuinely work features presented with superb storytelling and summary precision.