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The Top 10 Secrets to Softer Hair

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Soft and Shiny Hair


Every woman desires soft and silky hair that shines like a crown on her head. While some women have been lucky to be born with naturally soft tresses, others have to work hard to attain the same result. However, even naturally soft hair can become brittle and unmanageable due to exposure to environmental factors such as sun, wind, or pollutants. The good news is, there are several secrets to achieving softer, more manageable hair, regardless of your hair type.

Hair Secret 1: Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep conditioning is the foundation of soft, healthy hair. Using a dependable deep conditioner or hair mask infuses moisture and nutrients into the hair shaft, helping to repair and fortify fragile tresses. For optimal results, leave the deep conditioning treatment on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it out with warm water. Repeat weekly for best results.

Hair Secret 2: Don’t Over-Shampoo Your Hair

Over-shampooing can strip vital oils from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Instead, shampoo about every other day or less, using gentle sulfate-free products that won’t rob the hair of moisture.

Hair Secret 3: Log Your Hair Health

Discipline is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy haircare routine. Logging your hair routine- including washing, conditioning, protection products, frequency of sessions can help create a pattern and a greater likelihood of creating healthy hair care habits overtime.

Hair Secret 4: Do Not Rub Your Hair with a Towel When Wet

Hair is more vulnerable to breakage when wet. Resist rubbing your hair when wet and be gentle when rubbing after washing. Rather than rubbing, wrap your hair slowly in a paper towel in sections to reduce the risk of tangling.

Hair Secret 5: Do Not Over Style or Use Dryers

Frequent heating, styling and overdrying can over stretch hair strands and lead to longer-term breakage. To ensure your hair stays as soft and healthy as possible with additions of natural oils, incorporate a heat protection spray before styling and avoid heat product use unless absolutely necessary.

Hair Secret 6: Invest in a High-quality Brush

Using the right brush is essential for keeping your hair healthy and bouncy. Invest in a high-quality brush that is gentle on your scalp and does not inadvertently scrape or damage your hair strands with use. A paddle brush with natural boar bristles will work well.

Hair Secret 7: Limit Heat Exposure

Prolonged exposure to heat and direct sunlight can cause many hair problems. When not avoiding heat completely, limit heat exposure by wearing a hat or using UV protectant sprays before going outdoors.

Hair Secret 8: Drink Plenty of Water

While it sounds unlikely, rich and silky hair may often come from the water column. Drinking plenty of water enhances the general well-being of the scalp and hydrates hair from the hair shaft itself by treating dry hair at the root with adequate oils.

Hair Secret 9: Incorporate Omega-3’s

Omega-3 supplements are well known for nourishing and strengthening hair. Introduce flax seeds, walnuts, and salmons in your diet for an overall boost to your scalp and hair structure.

Hair Secret 10: Pamper Your Hair

Maintaining your hair health and keeping it soft and shiny requires extra effort at times. It’s recommended that you schedule regular salon visits, invest time in attending to a good blow-dry process or opt in for take-home replenishing treatment kits of natural oils and nurturing solutions for shinier results.


By leveraging the secrets outlined above, you can maintain a healthy, supple, and silky looking hair that looks great naturally without extensive styling to enhance smoothness. By following a hair care routine, supplementing your external environment and adopting some simple nutritional best practices, you can achieve the hair of your dreams. Follow these tips and you’ll consistently reach those hair goals!

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