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The Supernatural World: Best 30 Mysterious Events That Cannot Be Explained

The Supernatural World: Best 30 Mysterious Events That Cannot Be Explained

The Supernatural World: Best 30 Mysterious Events That Cannot Be Explained

Have you ever wondered whether there is more to our world than what meets the eye? There are certain occurrences that defy all logic and explanation, sparking curiosity and debate among many. From levitation to poltergeists, we have compiled a list of the best 30 supernatural events that cannot be explained.

Levitating Monks of Shaolin

Known for their incredible physical and mental strength, the Shaolin Monks have been seen to levitate using just their dynamic energy.

The Cursed Crying Boy Paintings

The paintings of a crying young boy were linked to numerous mysterious and deadly fires with no logical explanation.

The Ghost Lights of Texas

These ethereal lights float over the horizon of the Texan desert, visible to the naked eye and yet science has been unsuccessful in determining their source.

Bermuda Triangle

Ships and aircrafts have disappeared under unexplained circumstances within the infamous triangular area between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

Dyatlov Pass Incident

Nine hikers in the Ural Mountains, Soviet Union, died under uncertain or unnatural circumstances, with many unusual factors, speculated to have occurred.

The Disappearance of the Colony of Roanoke

A group of English colonists vanished into thin air from their colony, leaving behind very few tangible traces of their existence.

Mysterious Dome of Kolkata

A dome-shaped mirror in Kolkata can allegedly produce amnesia and hallucinations in close proximity, affecting many unsuspecting people.

Demon House

A normal house in Bridgeport, Indiana, was submerged in supernatural activities, giving the property its nickname “Demon House”.

Giant Skeletons

Many excavations throughout history have discovered typical-sized skeletons, but every now and then, towering giants appear buried with them. And nobody knows the source of these bizarre creatures.

The Vanishing of Flight 19

In December of 1945, over the Bermuda Triangle, Flight 19 mysteriously disappeared instantly without sending any distress messages.

Dempsey Roll

This powerful boxing technique was said to be impossible, and yet Jack Dempsey went on to win many games using it.

The Curse of the Tutankhamun’s Tomb

Those who entered the sacred tomb of Tutankhamun seemed to rapidly face mysterious death or misfortune soon afterwards, supposedly a result of the pharaoh’s curse.

Rosslyn Chapel’s Legend

This ornate chapel situated in Scotland holds puzzling mysteries in its design and depictions, potentially including yet-to-be-discovered artifacts.

Paris’ Catacombs

The intricate tunnels lying beneath the city of Paris hold several supernatural tales of mysterious wandering spirits including the ghost of the Ossuary Quarry.


Japan local legend speaks of the Hanako-san, a mischievous spirit who haunts school bathrooms and giggles from the confines of an empty stall.

The Terrifying Taos Hum

A constant, low humming sound has been heard throughout Taos, New Mexico since the 1990s without any source ever being found.

Shanti Devi Born Twice

A child from India claimed to have been a reincarnation of somebody whose biography she could recite immediately after she could begin speaking.

The Ghostly Tunnels of Los Angeles

Catacombs stretch underneath the streets of LA and according to urban legend, costumed spirits and malformed creatures lurk in this dim, murky underground maze.

Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance

The aviation pioneer went missing in 1937, but despite investigations and quests for documentation, no one knows how she van-ished into thin air.

Salish Sea Foot

A disembodied human foot washed upon the shore near Canada’s Salish Sea. More than 16 human feet have mysteriously surfaced along the Pacific Northwest coast without explanation.

The Legend of Skinwalker Ranch

Formerly of Ute reservation in Utah, Skinwalker Ranch is believed to sit above a cursed Navajo Indian burial ground where paranormal activities of various types occur.

The Tower of London Haunts

Many spirits of historic figures were seen roaming within the walls of the ominous Tower of London including Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes, and others.

Spirit Photography

Early experiments in photography have leant credibility to the theory that supernatural souls could be captured on film

The Bizarre Baigong Pipes

Unexplainable iron pipes located in the outskirts of China are estimated to be older than two thousand years although locals have no knowledge about their original purpose or construction methods.

Joachim Kroll – the “Ruhr Cannibal”-

A notorious serial killer who reportedly ate parts of his own victims in the 60s regarded himself as almost absent-minded.

The Curse of Saco River

The river going through Maine has had tragedy and cursed dooms connected to it and is said to be haunted, particularly by a ghostly mail carrier or a mourning jilted lover.

The Raining of Fish

Several times throughout recorded history, fish have suddenly cascaded down from the sky, seemingly without explanation or warning, and unassociated with any known environmental hazards or religious rites.

The Good Shepherd in Mexico City

The corridor of the Good Shepherd’s hospital ap-pears to suddenly move regardless of obstruction, as patients testify to be in bewildered amazement.

Predicting the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

An inexplicable newspaper advertisement predicts in-crements leading to the murder of American President John F. Kennedy; that occurred just as prophesied.

The Jackson Photo ghost

To this day nobody can accurately explain the appearance of the extras seen in a photograph of concerned Mary Jackson taken at the Eastman Company and shows them scattered through the air behind her. even though there was not visible means of support of positions for the operatives at the time the image was snapped.

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