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The Spookiest Sites for Ghost Hunting in America

The Scariest Sites for Ghost Hunting in America

Are you feeling brave? Do you have an insatiable thirst for the paranormal? Then grab your EMF meter, bring along a few friends, and get ready to explore some of the spookiest locations in America for your next ghost hunting adventure.

The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

The beautiful Antebellum-era Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana boasts a dark and sinister past, rife with murder and tragedy. Visitors to the house have reported countless paranormal activities, including the sighting of a man who is said to have been murdered on the property.

The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

The famous Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining” and its eerie atmosphere suits its reputation as one of America’s top ghost hunting locations. Visitors have reported seeing apparitions running in the hallways and often hear the sound of children giggling throughout the haunted hotel.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania

The immense and foreboding Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania once housed some of the most notorious criminals in America, making it an ideal spot for ghost hunters today. Many believe the site is home to the ghosts of former inmates, whose tormented spirits can be heard at night.

The Winchester Mansion, California

Slightly surreal and tremendously spooky, the alleged haunting of the Winchester Mansion is as fascinating as it is mysterious. Room that seem to lead nowhere and dummies that suddenly move have horrified visitors for generations.

The Birdcage Theater, Arizona

A former western-movie palace, the Birdcage Theater in Arizona is also home to many ghosts. Infamous Demands who broke down undetected into the house are known to and accept add to the atmosphers. Tourists report sightings of unprompted phantom apparitions, including eerie laughter or the feel of ghostly hands on their necks.

So, Assemble Your Ghost Hunting team and Start Your Investigation!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a newcomer to the thrill of ghost hunting, the spookiest sites in America are sure to chill and fascinate you.

Don’t be afraid—be curious and join the fun at your next ghost hunting exploration. The beauty of America’s historical experiences coupled with excitement surely give a breathtaking cap towards a heart-stopping ghost hunting adventure.

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