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The Oscars: Memorable Speeches and Controversial Moments

The Oscars: Memorable Speeches and Controversial Moments

A Night of Glitz and Glamour

The Oscars is a grand event that brings together some of the most talented and acclaimed actors, directors, and other members of the film fraternity to celebrate and recognize outstanding performances and cinematic achievements. It is often referred to as the most prestigious award in the film industry, and rightly so. However, over the years, the event has seen its fair share of controversies, dramatic moments and speeches that have left a lasting impact.

The Dust Has Settled… or has it?

One particular year that stirred up controversy at the Oscars was in 2017 when La La Land, was mistakenly announced as the winner for Best Picture, only to be corrected and given to the rightful winners, Moonlight . The moment was unforgettable and has remained the butt of jokes ever since, but it was a classical example of how even the sophisticated Oscar events work on a live production scale.

This is My Time

Some of the most memorable moments from the Oscars have come from acceptance speeches. Some speeches were poignant and awe-inspiring while others have left us scratching our heads in disbelief. However, there have been moments when the speeches have made us think, cry or genuinely moved us. One such standout speech was given in 2017 by Viola Davis who won the Best Supporting Actress for her role in Fences. Davis, in her acceptance speech, said she “became an artist and thank god cleared the path” for other women of color that followed in her footsteps. And whose path deservedly earned a right to thank women of color in the world.

Screwdriver Or Technology

In 2015, Sean Penn announced Alejandro G. Iñárritu as the winner of Best Picture for Birdman. However, moments before, Penn had made a regrettable comment which said something like, “Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?” To this, Iñárritu, shaking his head, went on to speak eloquently about the different ways in which he used film to portray contrasting aspects of culture, language and with feminism. Outliving yet another dull racist trope ensued to prove that you can unwittingly incite racism in even the most highly esteemed event.

The Show Must Go On

No matter what, the “show must go on,” which sometimes can lead to poignant as well as amusing moments. One such incident that happened in the year 2002 where Halle Berry became the first black woman ever to win the Best Actress trophy. Shortly before the Oscar telecast on September 11, 2001, Berry discovered what had happened to the towers. So when she goes backstage to receive her reward, almost acknowledging the universal terror looming large, she blurts out thanks to every actress who has experienced injustice, where minority performers sadly remain the most disdained and forgotten minority.

Till Next Time…

The Oscars has always been a fascinating phenomenon of Hollywood and entertainment world, and controversies, speeches, surprises will be the most crucial motifs that will continue being associated with these events. What dramatic speeches will be next in line? What about the future trends of controversies & surprises will wait to be unraveled? However, shimmering fluidity, music, and pageantry in Oscar ceremonies almost will for sure remain.

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