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The Global Classroom: Best 30 Educational Travel Experiences

Take Your Learning Abroad: The Best 30 Educational Travel Experiences

Hunting with the Bushmen in Botswana

Embark on an expedition with the bushmen of Botswana, surviving off the land and providing insight into their centuries-old nomadic lifestyle.

Explore Chernobyl, Ukraine

Get a glimpse of modern history with this incredible experience of Chernobyl. Discover the aftermath of the disaster and learn firsthand from the locals who were affected by it.

Climb to Machu Picchu, Peru

Test your endurance as you journey to the iconic city presented by the ancient Incas while fully immersing yourself in the current culture of modern Peru.

Culinary tour of Italy

Get an education on authentic Italian cuisine as you cook alongside a master chef, tasting your way through the region like never before.

Listed on UNESCO world heritage sites exploration

Experience true wonder and beauty with a journey exploring UNESCO world heritage sights such as the reflecting Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

Dive Deep into Ocean Zoology Onboard National Geographic Endeavour

Immerse yourself in research, scenery and fascinating marine life onboard the National Geographic Endeavour, a state of the art exploration vessel.

Family trip to Tuscany or Dalmatia Coast

Inspire your family and loved ones while creating durable memories while travelling across rolling hills or visting a littoral front of the remarkable Croatian Coastline.

Total impact trip to Borneo jungle, Malaysia

Enhance your level of awareness with an adventourous and immersive educational excursion travel experience featuring conservation initiatives and environmental maintanence in Malaysian Borneos stunning jungles.

Historic Cultural Exchange to Kyoto, Jamanese ancient capital

Embark on a journey back to ancient capital of eastern Japan to learn in the atmosophere of a thousand years of character, traditions and technological endeavours of a different time and era.

Botanical tour in Amazon rainforest, Peru

Undertake a fully interactive rainforest Tour with experts knowledgable highlighting wild animal encounters and the tropical Amazonian flora.

Antarctica Expedition

Embark on an remarkable journey call of the permafrost landscapes to see native wildlife and inaccessible phenomena in the planet’s southernmost continent.

Becoming a cowboy in Montana

Ride horseback alongside seasoned ranch hands through inviting vistas in western American wilderness and insight into cowboy culture unsual when experience first-hand.

Rabat Complete immersion, a Big project transforming education in Morocco

Gesture support and aid with young students on elementary schools in Northern Africa to improve education while also being surrounded by culture-inspired events.

Tasting your way through Cognac Vaults

Experience the rich flavours and history of the country while schooling yourself about the ancient production methods that established the French renowned spirit.

Obermeyer Immersion Project- Travel Textiles

Learn about textile designing, exporting and creations in the traditional Bavarian surroundings to produce lasting items with a global-interest implementing traditional methods.

Monitoring Milk Production in Nepal

Visit South Asia for an initiative-oriented education around health and agriculture, cattle faming with peasants dedicated and with sincere enthusiasm of cowmilkers in Nepal.

Inuit experience at a luxury eco-lodge in Nunavut, Arctic Circle

Attendees learn how to fish for their dinner, look for rare fauna species of the incredibly outdoors exploring a unsual, frontiering arctic future megacity.

Cichlids Lakes and Krueger Nat Park, S African Wildlife Satire

Pro Vision into the wild! go wildlife watching, fishing and take a walk around picturesque scenery filled with memory-encapsulating encounters in Africa, particularly in Kruger Park.

Futuristic Tech Research in Tokyo and Seoul – AI, Cybersecurity, Gaming and transportation tech.

Embark on a technologically-advanced Field trip experience in a intensive journey with respected experts on technonology innovation and market development on Smart City developmental and well infrastructured Governments.

Art Apprenticeship in Florence

Get swept up from conventional works and hone techniques alongside epoch-marking Italian artists in the illustrious heart of the Renaissance.

Village Agro Tourism in Coppersmiths and jew section, Fez, Morocco

Expand and gain capable connexions enabling communities to intermix while savoring local offerings for just a distinctive look into unique North American Tunisia’s remarkable fabricated.

Aero Engineering and Schiphol Airport tour, Netherlands

Engage in fabrication methods with swift aviation tours in Holland’s definitive precedent airports Schiphol.

Battlefield of Middle Sea experiences, European Union historic learnings

Tracing the methods of Greece, onwards in regions engulfed in battles, engaging in history-making explorations and taking part in historic festive of close-knitted down communities developed from this wars.

Pro Brewing Schools in USA

Learn the art of craft brewing by studying from top industry experts and discovering some of America’s finest breweries.

Easter Island immersion, New Year celebrations, Chile

Celebrated agricultural ceremonies and Festivals commemorate victories in Pacifica to an attaction unmatched elsewhere in the globe, though existing entirely tucked away in La Isla de Pasqua.

JavaScript development camp at the Dominican Republic’s Cascada el Limón

Mentor illiterate folks with high poverty levels about tech, while enjoying luscious natural waterfalls or stretch yourself in boot-related camps created for consumption of indulgent lotus seekers amiss the the most enchanting environment, Dominican’s Republic

Meditative trekking across the landscapes of New Zealand

Immerse in spiritual voyage accessing highest-inhabited points amid the bewitching, iridescent oceans outlining middle-earth.

Maori Culture in Rutaki Beach, Raratonga Cook Islands

Waving grass-skirts among rich cultural measures praising oceanic culture, further enided local territories in being awarded UNDP world protected ecological reserve.

Bush camp Survival Skills – Malawi, Zambia Central Africa

Explore Central African in a life-changing bootcamp, hone in and improve your bush survival prowess & grasp centuries-old traditions transferred down many generations of locals by actively involve in them.

Get Pumped-up like Pro Boxers in Havana, Cuba

Transform yourself and pick up real empowering and revolutionary composure and steel-like self-confidence evident from top-notch world champions, combining Spanish language refinement lesson’s, cultural presence boasts and late-night entertainment.

With this distinctive amalgamation of educational and recreational led travel experiences, studying diminishes age-limitations while igniting a passion and untamed enthusiasm for remote and unseen parts of the globe, its heritage and yours alike.

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