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The Frugal Flights Guide: Cheap Airlines to Watch

The Frugal Flights Guide: Cheap Airlines to Watch

Looking for budget-friendly airlines to help keep your travels affordable? Here at The Frugal Flights Guide, we’ve got your back! Check out our top picks for cheap airlines that could save you a pretty penny or two.


If you’re looking for cheap flights to and around the Middle East, look no further than Flydubai. This budget airline offers an impressive array of destinations, including popular cities such as Jerusalem, Beirut, and Muscat. With prices starting as low as $20 one way, Flydubai should absolutely make your list of budget airlines to watch.

Spirit Airlines

In the United States, one airline in particular that keeps costs low is Spirit Airlines. Not only do they offer affordable flights, but they even keep your training gear bin underneath the plane cost-free (usually an added fee with other airlines). Keep in mind that while they do charge for extra amenities, like snacks and luggage storage, the savings on the ticket price might well be worth it. And if you’re a consistent traveler, be sure to keep an eye out for their rewards program to earn points for added discounts in the long run.


Dreaming of taking a wanderlust trip through enchanting cities like Madrid, Rome, Oslo, Copenhagen of Helsinki – without spending an arm and a leg? Look no further than Finnair as they have some of the best deals when it comes to traveling in comfort around the glob. Priding themselves on safety standards, unique dining selections and timely flights, Finnair is up for ranking in world standards way ahead of premium flag bearers from five-star renowned airlines yet people forget to consider it which is a win-win opportunity for a budget conscious traveler. Prices normally start at an incredibly comfortable price for budget travelers, make sure to have them on budget list!


Russian airline Aeroflot is a gift to international voyagers as it’s a hidden gem without being prohibitively expensive. Operating globally, it’ll fulfill your hunt with hot deals in flights in under-contemplated tropical fellowships to countries such as Japan, Serbia, and Turkey without having to take unnecessary recourse at the bank since these month-to-month updated deals absolutely aim to comfort those on tighter budgets without saying no!

Keep these affordable airlines in mind when planning out your next trip, and target whichever destinations you fancy, loyalty in tactics will surely recover big time within finances. Saving up for the places visited is a positive experience that needs no introduction and keeping track of affordable travel options can only aid the process immensely.

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