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The Devastating Effects Of Earthquakes In Developing Countries

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The Tragic Afflictions of Earthquakes in Developing Countries

The Unbearable Loss of Physical Assets

The earthquakes in developing countries not only demolish homes, but it can adversely affect public infrastructure, such as buildings, schools, and hospitals, among others. The damages engendered by these earthquakes result in the costliest natural disaster across the globe. At times, it may arouse nation’s financial vulnerability, internal political instability, hidden financial crimes hindering the nation’s equitable financial distribution among the entire citizenry.

The Negative Effects On Health And Sanitation

Developing countries are most likely to face consequential health problems in the aftermath of earthquakes due to limited sanitation, endurance to minerals and infection because of the poor sanitary facilities that increased the possibility of people contacting infections of by consuming impure water. This crisis increases when heaps of debris contaminate the water bodies and ventilator system. Dealing with these adverse situations in the absence of basic amenities jeopardizing people’s lives and makes them vulnerable to sundry diseases contributing to amplified incidences of malady.

The Emotional Devastation

Losing homes, schools, hospitals, jobs and loved ones have detrimental effects on individuals that lead to emotional and psychological afflictions that may escalate to anxiety depressions, and frustration. Such afflictions might contribute to a domino effect that alter family’s well-being and friends sheltering in earthquake venues, ripple effect might occur bereaved families clinging to one another, exacerbating personal angst and greed, probably to a point of extreme behaviour that weaken societal climate, in the light of such challenges, some challenges is how to deliver basic and mental health care to society, due to the incapacity and insufficiency of governmental and non-governmental social institutions.

The Aggravation Of Poverty

Natural disasters are significant causes of poverty eradication in developing countries, as several households often lose it potent and likely, with expanding health crisis along with the impediment to have continuity in starting up their businesses leaving, a considerable number of households find themselves struggling to make ends meet even after government assistance. The multiplier following substantial social disruptions amplifying relevant difficulties in geographical areas, which would create hindrance access for economic growth or require restoration. However, concerns about habitat centres and agricultural losses interrupt productive household land and essential productive resources withdrawing it from the economy.


Attending on the incident of initial observation, the repairing of the communities that reside in the epoch of structural lies upon administrations and multilateral establishments from aid and building country competence within both the philanthropic and loan divides of social initiatives. Developing countries strive to earn new opportunities to achieve self-sustainability without in debtening, secure environmental managements are possible with calamitous circumstances outcome may have reduced affection long, the strategy to transforming natural crises to economic chance to navigate lives in accountable, secure and coherent gatherings reserving dignity and integrity constitution resolves challenges.

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