Wednesday, February 21, 2024
climate crisis

The Biggest Threat of All: Climate Change

The Biggest Threat of All: Climate Change

The Need for Action Against Climate Change!

Alarming Stats!

Climate change is not just a concern for the future manifests itself ever day thru:

  • Rising water levels
  • Changing weather patterns
  • Invasive species and shrinking habitat;
  • Extreme weather events and food shortages

Understanding Climate Change

At the core of this issue is the infact the natural greenhouse effect:

  • The sun > heats earth and

    dig>the official solution to tackle CC. Climate change affects: natural resources that can no longer support daily life. Therefore,the future of the planet depends on lowering the level of greenhouse gases we release into air! Be part of the solution guys! You and your family will benefit for years and future generations!

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