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The Best Serverless Platforms to Try in 2021

The Best Serverless Platforms to Try in 2021

The Best Serverless Platforms to Try in 2021

Gone are the days of traditional server management! Say hello to the world of serverless platforms that offer a hassle-free way to deploy and scale applications. If you’re on the lookout for some of the best serverless platforms to start your journey, look no further. Here is a list of exceptional platforms to make your development life joyful:

Azure Functions

Azure Functions from Microsoft is an excellent choice for serverless enthusiasts. With its broad range of programming language support, ease of use, and seamless integration with other Azure services, Azure Functions makes it a breeze to develop and deploy applications. From artificial intelligence to real-time data processing, Azure Functions has got you covered. So, get ready to lift off the cloud with this fantastic platform!

AWS Lambda

Amazon Web Services brings you AWS Lambda, a heavyweight contender in the serverless space. With the ability to run code in response to triggers and events, AWS Lambda allows developers to focus solely on writing their code without worrying about server management or scaling requirements. Couple that with the vast array of services provided by AWS, and you’ve got a recipe for success. So, jump on board and let AWS Lambda empower your applications!

Google Cloud Functions

If you’re looking for a reliable and robust serverless platform, look no further than Google Cloud Functions. With industry-leading infrastructure and seamless integration with other Google Cloud services, this platform enables you to build powerful, scalable applications. Whether it’s creating microservices or building APIs, Google Cloud Functions has your back. So, sit back and let Google Cloud Functions take your applications to the next level!

IBM Cloud Functions

IBM Cloud Functions provides a strong presence in the serverless space. With a scalable architecture, ease of use, and support for multiple programming languages, IBM Cloud Functions empowers developers to build and deploy applications effortlessly. With its deep integration in the IBM Cloud ecosystem, this platform opens up a world of possibilities for creating innovative solutions. So, take the leap and let IBM Cloud Functions enhance your development journey!

Netlify Functions

If simplicity is what you seek, Netlify Functions is the answer. Responsive, user-friendly, and built with developers in mind, Netlify Functions offers a streamlined experience for serverless application development. Integrate seamlessly with your frontend projects, deploy instantly, and scale effortlessly – all with the convenience of maintaining a single codebase. So, hop on aboard the Netlify Functions bandwagon and experience the charm of a lightweight serverless platform!


In the realm of serverless platforms, flair and vibrancy meet unlimited potential. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a coding novice, these magnificent serverless platforms offer an array of features and capabilities to ignite your imagination. Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, IBM Cloud Functions, and Netlify Functions are some of the top contenders, each with its unique advantages and integrations waiting for you to explore. So, kick-start your serverless journey today!

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