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The Best 30 Affordable Jewelry Brands You Haven’t Heard Of

The Best 30 Affordable Jewelry Brands You Haven’t Heard Of

Looking for some fresh, affordable jewelry finds? These 30 small brands offer unique and stylish pieces, all without breaking the bank.

1. Fred and Far

Fred and Far offers meaningful pieces meant to inspire self-love and self-care. Their line of engagement rings come in a variety of stones, but their lab-grown options make for an affordable and sustainable choice.

2. Brinker & Eliza

This brand features whimsical and unusual designs that will add some playfulness to any outfit. Their pieces are made from high-quality materials but kept at an affordable price point.

3. Mejuri

Minimalistic and elegant design is what Mejuri does best. Their pieces are perfect for everyday wear and can be stacked for a layered look.

4. Cendré

Cendré focuses on quality over quantity, using genuine semi-precious stones in artisanal settings. Their ethereal and whimsical designs aim to inspire feminine mystique.


This ethical and sustainable brand collaborates with artisans in underserved communities to create their jewelry pieces. Their minimalist designs easily integrate into any wardrobe.

6. Verameat

Vibrant and expressive, Verameat’s pieces are handmade and designed for those who had never lost their sense of creativity inspired by childhood.

7. Gorjana

Graceful and delightfully minimalist for a casual look, Gorjana’s jewelry pieces are perfect for stacking and even layering.

8. Machete

Crafted from eco-friendly and hypoallergenic acetate material, Machete produces on-trend yet timeless pieces.

9. Kendra Scott

Known for her fair-priced and personalized pieces of jewelry, Kendra Scott has become a household name in the industry.

10. Mejores

From statement earrings to chunky rings, Mejores has hundreds of pieces of colorful accessories that are perfect for sunny occasions.

11. Pura Vida

Pura Vida has all the bright-colored and hippie-vibe pieces one could wish for with its unique bracelets and neck pieces generated to support volunteer programs in various countries.

12. Omi Woods

Omi Woods features stylish and authentic designs with a focus on promoting Afro- heritage shared globally.

13. Laura Lombardi

Laura Lombardi premium designs cater to Mid-Century confidence with elegant chains.

14. Bing Bang NYC

Inspired by New York City culture, makes iconic collections from fashion-forward and bright-minded.

15. Tai Jewelry

Tai Jewelry focuses on specially beaded jewelry that features lovely stones and forest treasures.

16. Shashi New York

Shashi New York provides an affordable, sustainable lifestyle through essential and neat designs loved worldwide.

17. Lotus Craftswomen

Lotus Craftswomen uses their designs and contributions to lead Africa’s crafts movement, art inspired moments.

18. Gemma Stone

Based in Los Angeles, Gemma Stone relies on mindfulness wellness concepts by creating handcrafted jewelry with a pop of colors and gemstones.

19. Miller Mae Designs

Mila Mae Designs reinterpret symbols for occasions, from hippie to revolutionary icons, antique artworks, and garden-bound treasures.

20. Mod + Jo

Mod + Jo, a store that aims to promote individuality, mindset positivity – by collaborative, vibrant, stylish jewelry.

21. Baublebar

Their jewelry collections uncover custom designs at reduced rates; a beautiful statement for a flawless trim.

22. L’Enchanteur

These Toronto-based collections archive Canada’s artwork history, using materials sourced internationally and treated locally.

23. Flea Market Girl

Flea Market Girl needs some edgy and themed vintage tastes and a pinch of metallic touchups. Here, excellent selections of unusual and bold artisanal looks create eye-catching pieces of ornaments.

24. Established

Established unique fine jewelry that intrigues ensembles behind its finished stones group versions by demand since the Evanston origin in 2011.

25. Lulus

Lulus inspire boho, subtle outfit themes by modifying looks suited to holiday seasons or festivities highlighting hot black accents and dynamic prints.

26. Anuja Tolia

Anuja Tolia offers femme and delicate ornaments focused on simplistic textured and art-decor values.

27. Frasier Sterling

Frasier Sterling inspires sun-soaked, classic California vibes explored in midi-trays, coin jewelry, intricate charms in fading anthems of beach-chic environments.

28. Luiny

Loung unites rustic objects from natural wonder inspired souvenirs that enlighten distinctive Grecian ends.

29. Another Feather

Founded by a furniture designer Hanna Ferragi, Another Feather materializes minimalistic circles representing circle rings suitable for everyday office wears.

30. Sansar India

This Indian brand exudes antique themes inspired by museums and historical facts suited to new-reinvention tailored for Western looks by preserving heritage ideals across unique outfits.

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