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Teen wins UK science award for eco-friendly sunscreen.

Teen wins UK science award for eco-friendly sunscreen.

A 15-year-old’s Invention: Revolutionizing Sunscreen without Harmful Chemicals

In a groundbreaking achievement, Kaycee Deery, a 15-year-old girl from Londonderry, UK, has earned the prestigious title of the country’s Young Scientist of the Year. Her remarkable accomplishment lies in the development of a sunscreen that eliminates the use of harmful chemicals commonly found in other sunscreen products, which pose significant risks to the environment. The announcement of her triumph was reported by the reputable BBC on Friday, garnering widespread admiration and praise.

Unveiling the Pioneering Process

Deery’s groundbreaking creation involved the engineering of a UVA lightbox within her very own home. This innovative device allowed her to meticulously put various natural oils to the test, assessing their efficacy in offering skin protection without employing toxic substances.

Environmental Impact and Recognition

With this remarkable invention, Deery not only secured one of the most esteemed accolades in the United Kingdom but also laid the foundation for a fundamental shift in the realm of sunscreen production. By eliminating harmful chemicals, her sunscreen addresses the growing concern surrounding their detrimental impact on the environment.

A Surprising Journey

Despite her remarkable achievement, Deery remains refreshingly modest, expressing her surprise at being nominated for this prestigious award. This humility only adds to the admiration and recognition she is receiving for her incredible contributions at such a young age.


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