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Take a Trip Back in Time: Explore the Most Fascinating Eras in History

Exploring the incredible aspects of historical eras is an exciting way to acquire knowledge, understand cultures, and appreciate the past. Each era is full of uniqueness, substance, and engrossing undertones that peaked its relevance giving helpful insights about society and its evolution into the present.

Unfortunaltey, time travel is still a beyonded concept – But do not be disheartened. Book an indulgent vacation, and let us take you on a journey through the most fascinating eras in history.

The glitzy time of the Egyptians

No fascinating book offers the fascination and glamour that the Land of the Pharaohs presents. You cannot get enough of the Pyramids, the hypnotic Sphinx, or the ancient hieroglyphs. A trip down the Nile River, which was the main highway during ancient Egypt periods, will transport you back in time, with a snipped of the modern amenities we have all comfortably become acclimated to.

Get Medieval

Feudalism, Knightly chivalry, Gothic art, The Black Plague, and holy wars! The ancient majesty of Europe is ours to discover. No other era is better depicted in modern-day film and print than the medieval ages. Encountering, exploring and education ourselves about this age firstly allows us to truly appreciate some of Europe’s greatest architectural beings, and understand the culture and society that had structural supremacy.

Age of Enlightenment

During the 18th Century, the era famously known as the Age of Enlightenment shattered the dark ages, giving room for innovations, research, and advancement. Historical landmarks like the Louvre placed up, and the grounds marvelled and still do till now. Visit France during this era with its intellectually booming spaces and find yourself constantly fascinated by significant movements around enlightenment, reason, and liberalism.

Victorian Elegance

There is nothing more beautiful than the victorian setting. From piercing fortified lawns of industrial fields to deep elegant austerity in fashionable buildings like Big Ben, Victoria London, a throwback space reminds us of the intriguing brilliance that once was. Stroll through notable landmarks like Brighton, combined castles and picturesque mansions with gentleness reigning supreme. Each embodies change from days where there was eminence in everything: friendships, dating, frolicking – There must have been some fun back in the days.


There are eras we indulged and overlooked chronology demarcated parts of popular history. Some travel invites us to maintain perspective, however retrospective it may appear but let us subtely learn while having the time of our lives. Each era has its unique spotlight, personality and truths. When you explore them, take some pictures, and inspire generations later to all that thought Once Upon A Time were true.

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