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Surviving Depression: A First-Hand Account

Going through Depression: An Insightful Journey

The start of the tiring path

I remember the day we all moved into the new school building when I was in eighth grade. I was expecting this huge “yay” moment, but instead, I could feel my heart pounding against my chest. I didn’t understand what was happening, but it kept escalating day after day.

The never-ending tiredness, lack of interest in things I used to love, and a general feeling of hopelessness—I could sense that something within me was severely wrong. Little did I realize it at the time, but these were the initial anxiety disorders that eventually gave way to full-blown depression.

Breaking point

Going through the motions was all too tiring; there were so many days when I felt like giving up. The world felt like one big fat mess- slipping between lousy grades, dealing with bullying, and trying but failing to keep up in everything. It all culminated one day when I woke up feeling empty-mentally and physically.

As I experienced anxiety throughout my middle school, I was already in therapy, though it barely provided me any solace during these tough times. They said all the right things, yet it felt as if the explanations they were giving me made more of a mess instead of clearer, but genuinely constructive solutions.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel:

Despite feeling like it would never happen, things slowly started to shift around high school. Overall, recognizing and acknowledging my mental health, along asking for help felt like the missing component that clicked everything into the right places.

Support- therapeutic, social, or spiritual providers makes a significant difference in encouraging you through what’s an otherwise near-impossible journey. My psychiatrist, Doc Tim, started me on on medications: gradually I felt satisfied within myself- slowly things fell in much synchronized way.

Being in Healthy mental space, mindfulness soon took part into everything of life. Step by step, the days seemed bearable, and overall perception was happy, rather than desolate. I can say honestly that I love life now-in many ways more fervently than I ever have it being optimally stable.

Wrapping up

Depression is the hardest battle someone will ever have. Each victory matters around mental health- each part encourages more comprehensive victories till you win it all within yourself. I’d like you to hear our encouragement to anyone currently struggling with depression. It gets exhausting beyond belief, but likewise? I promise you, there is a side to come out of it. My most outstanding advice: hold tight to what makes you happy/grounded during the battle; even when you don’t say anything to them, let people help support you…and remember above: this too shall pass.

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