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Sound-Off: The Loudest Concerts That’ll Blow Your Mind!



Are you a music lover and cannot wait to experience the sensation and adrenaline rush of the live concerts? If so, then hold your breath as we dive into the loudest concerts of all time that will undoubtedly blow your mind away.

1. Rammstein

Germany’s highly popular heavy metal band, Rammstein, is famous for their can’t-be-beat pyrotechnics-equipped live shows. The band installs striking visual background for added effect and matches it up with an exceptionally roaring sound. Rammstein has the world record for generating the high dB peaks that even raced through closed-shut doors.


KISS is undoubtedly credited for bringing the ultimate theatrical live performances to light. It is said that the legendary rockers of the music industry, with the help of sound systems, have produced a mind-numbing dB level acceptable for short-term exposure only. Their performances exhibiting extravagant costumes and capital visuals with dazzling fireworks orchestration have won an audience’s heart without fails.

3. AC/DC

The Australian rock band has been touring the world for the last four decades, and with multiple propitious releases to their credit, it’s hardly a surprise that they managed to get on this exclusive list. AC/DC is known for their roaring tone that features plenty of distorted bristling leads to give birth to extra volumes foot stomping rock anthems.

4. Manowar

Think hardcore, think metal, think Manowar. Popularly known to create an explosive introduction to welcome their listeners, Manowar is noted for promoting their talent screeching sound checks weighing over the permissible sound decibels, making the concert fall under the fatal sound exposure bracket of over 20 minutes only.


As you might have already figured out by now, the music concerts mentioned above offer an unparalleled sensory experience. They have had heads turn, making them a timeless phenomenon, even after years of their occurrence. So brace yourselves as you haven’t witnessed anything like this before. Get ready to be transcended into the world of cacophonous music – buy your tickets already!

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