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Science teacher fills home with license plates.

Former Science Teacher’s Unique Home Decor

When thinking of home decor, license plates may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, a former science teacher in Spring Lake, Michigan has filled his home with over 250 license plates from around the United States and Canada.

A Personalized Collection

For the past four years, the retired teacher has been collecting license plates, both old and new, that showcase different states, provinces, and even some military plates. Each plate tells a unique story and represents a different part of North America.

Unconventional Decor

While some may find the idea of decorating with license plates a bit unconventional, the retired teacher sees it as a way to add personality and character to his home. The collection is displayed in various spots throughout the house, including the walls and ceiling, and is even used as curtains in some rooms.

A Conversation Starter

The unique decor has become quite the conversation starter, with friends and family often asking about the story behind each plate. It has also caught the attention of passersby, with many stopping to admire the display from outside the windows.

A Creative Outlet

For the retired teacher, the license plate collection is more than just home decor, it’s a creative outlet that allows him to express his love for geography and history. The collection continues to grow as he looks for new and interesting plates to add to the mix.

Whether you’re a fan of unconventional decor or appreciate the history and story behind each license plate, there’s no denying that the retired teacher’s home is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


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