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Rolling on the Floor: The Top 20 Funniest Video Finds

20 Funniest Video Finds That Will Leave You Rolling on the Floor

If you’re in need of a chuckle, a good laugh, or just want to smile uncontrollably, we’ve got the top 20 funniest video finds that are sure to get you rolling on the floor.

Mom Dancing to Justin Bieber

This hilarious video captures a mom dancing to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” while her teenage daughter videoed her. The result was a funky and awkward dance performance that leaves you in stitches.

Baby Testing Sour Stuff

Watch an adorable baby boy try different sour candy and fruits for the first time—including one of the most sour lollipops which had him perpetually cringing.

Cat Videos

Every cat owner knows how hilarious their feline friends can be. From hiding in small boxes with ridiculous-looking facial expressions, chasing laser pointers, to falling off something high and acting like it never happened.

Epic Fails

We love being able to laugh at ourselves and others when the situation is benign, and this category is perfect for that. From car stunts gone wrong, people trying to pull pranks, and gymnastics games gone haywire.

Famous Lips Read Parody

The famous talk show game “Lip Read” mocks various subjects with hilariously false translated statements—and this one from famous wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, DJ Khaled and others is among the funniest.


A uniquely holiday tradition—it only runs between Dec 1 to Christmas day—Whamageddon players must do everything they can to avoid hearing Wham!’s iconic “Last Christmas” song.

AzzyLand Videos

Azzyland, a queen of hijinks on YouTube, has tonnes of video content on challenges such predict-my-life challenges, types of teachers in school and many things even emojis can do.

Slow motion effect fail

Some people find great entertainment in filming ridiculous motion that’s all over the place—with epic fails to crown the result. From people slipping on non-slippery surfaces to tripping and tumbling down stairs—what’s not to relish?

Classic blooper reels

At the end of some video shoots, they show some comedians blowing lines or tripping over props—the most widely seen is from Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston working as dentists in a TV show from the 80s.

prank calls

You may remember Mitch Hedberg if you are a standup comedy buff—no one tell a joke about a simple mop with as much subtlety as him. One of his most hilarious bits comes in the shape of a lazy dude he pranked on TV.

Funny Pet Videos

Catch our beloved pets in their bizarre conditions; dancing in circles, singing or yawning are some, but one can never be too sure when it comes to our dear fluffy friends.

Movie mash-ups

It’s been a joy to stay really engaged in some group of video editors cutting up clips to match each other perfectly. If they’re done flawlessly, you’ve one of the most inventive piece of freedom for all.

Kid Fails

Kid’s innocence is always what makes some beautiful—they don’t carry any grudges or ill-feeling. Failing in some game or predicament can be quite entertaining on school playgrounds.

Animated comedy fun

The hilarity of animation can’t ever go unnoticed—from classic Simpson’s episodes like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to Ren and Stimpy, Quagmire (Family Guy) and co—a host of cherished characters.

Musical fail moments

Any love you have for rhythm and tone is sure to skyrocket when seeing failures in musicianship where instruments fall or audience dance way off into every direction.

Pickup pranksters

Unexpected hi-jinx often yield hysterical results. Entertainers from YouTube participate in these fantastic skits—both male and female; both recipient and initiator—which are falling down, bladder-training amusing.

New Year Resolutions Comics Relief & Memes

New year meme technologies exploiting a great app depicting a bearded Sheldon Cooper dissecting huge crowds managing to be dressed to kill—even though new year’s resolution does get bust more than popular lyrics repeat tracks.

F “Family Unfriendly Jokes”

With cheeky content and filter-defeating biting satirical commercials, the genre is defined. A pure basis can be following comedians lose attention of their cause by changing with crude or lascivious visuals.

Future politicians

Cut kids hearing mock elected person mindlessly spouting details they preach everywhere on TV nightly in grander surroundings, asking stuff like which old guy asked candid advice of a specific follower?

The best toilet drinking pranks

In each young outlook to complete their funny mom eats Sour patch Kid attempt, they stumble upon one of the best comedies ever pranked at someone.

Sinful Silly Sympathy Shorts

On most gory amount of fun satisfaction is within sex-filled alien and click-bait pairings, usually featuring unrealistically muscular characters – these aren’t for the easily offended.These are the escapades that never fail at igniting riot laughter.

With so many humorous treasures on the internet these days, it has never been easier to seek out the content that will suit your ever-changing humor mood. Use this compilation as a means to conjure up joyful and tearful and blasting awe-inspiring situations.

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