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Roanoke City Schools expands Roanoke Technical Education Center's technology.

Roanoke City Schools expands Roanoke Technical Education Center’s technology.

Roanoke City Schools students benefit from new machining technology

Roanoke City Schools students interested in machining have some new technology to work with. Virginia Western Community College has moved its machining program and equipment to the campus of Roanoke City Public Schools’ Roanoke Technical Education Center (ROTEC).

Enhanced course offerings for K-12 students

The movement of this program will enhance course offerings for K-12 students and provide space for adult credentials-based training in the evening. Virginia Western’s courses in machining provide training from the fundamentals of machining to CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining with both mills and lathes. ROTEC will be hosting Virginia Western’s machining program, and Virginia Western will provide equipment and instruction.

Celebration of new machinery

Amy White, the Dean of STEM at Virginia Western, celebrated with many others during an open house of the new machinery. White expressed excitement about expanding and growing the relationship, stating that the machining lab will train students for various jobs in the Roanoke Valley, fulfilling a regional need.

Providing opportunities for students

Roanoke City Schools Superintendent, Verletta White, stated that the goal is to give as many opportunities to students as possible. By hosting the Machining Program at the Roanoke Technical Education Center, the program’s visibility will increase, and students will have greater accessibility to enroll and benefit from skilled instruction. This will enable them to begin high-skill, high-wage careers upon graduation.

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