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Revamp your space with creative summer renovations.

Revamp your space with creative summer renovations.

Renovate Your Space This Summer

Who knew that summer was the best time to renovate your space? We did! The days are much longer, increasing the work time. Founder and creative director of Spaces Jamaica, Janelle Pantry-Coke, understood the assignment at hand when she hosted at Summer Pop Up last weekend.

A Tropical Oasis

Those who graced the transformed showroom at Ardenne Emirates were transported to a gorgeous tropical oasis, decked out with super chic décor boasting themes of the waving coastline.

Bringing Vibrant Colors to Summer

Pantry-Coke tells Saturday Living that summer is all about fun and vibrant colors. And the inspiration behind the Summer Pop Up was to motivate Jamaicans to take the season to refresh their homes. “Redesigning for the summer will do so much for your psyche. It will uplift your spirits and set a very serene and calm tone.”

Thinking Outside of the Box

But she didn’t stop there. Incorporating tropical colors is one thing, but she is also of the view that we need to walk away from the preconceived notions of interior and exterior décor and think outside of the box, applying either designs in any setting.

Designs for Any Setting

“Gone are the days where you have to stick to any design or décor rules. There’s the outdoor lounge and the outdoor al fresco dining set-up. But you can bring the outdoors in. Any of our designs here can transform from inside to outside. For example, the boho chic layout can be your everyday dining table. Who says you have to go fancy?” she shared.

Embracing Natural Elements

Millennials, she pointed out, are especially leaning more towards natural elements like jute and wicker, as well as sleek designs like wall flats. So as an interior designer and décor entrepreneur, it was important to encompass all of these trends in order to make home spaces more approachable and livable.

Creating a Lifestyle

“People have living rooms that they don’t even sit in. We want you to go home and use the things that you buy, whether it’s for relaxing or for entertainment. It’s the lifestyle that matters,” Pantry-Coke revealed.

The Calming Effect of Blue

On the topic of style, Spaces is bringing back the teal and lavender colors, emphasis on the teal, which was evident in the storefront’s displays. “We do have a bit of a bias,” she admitted, based on the company’s colors. But she added, “Studies have shown that shades of blue are calming and blue is most universally accepted color among men and women.”

Accessorize for a Personal Touch

The coordination doesn’t end at color or furniture. There are statement pieces like rugs, throw pillows, wall art and centerpieces, like plants, that can really refine and rechannel positive energy into a room.

“Accessories for home décor are like the jewelry for your wardrobes. Those finishing touches are everything! You can buy the perfect sofa and coffee table, your mainstay pieces, but the accessories really set your space apart from others and it’s really where your personality shines.”

Personalize Your Space with Art

Art, she highlighted, is personal. So getting a canvas that really represents who you are speaks volumes when you or anyone else enters that space.

“Look around you and see what you love. The artwork can include a particular scenery that you love, a landscape piece or abstract work. You will be surprised how it can transform your space,” she said, adding, “Always invest in quality pieces.”

Bringing Your Creative Vision to Life

As a company, Spaces is happy to bring your creative vision to life. But you can always shop on your own in-store; both services are available.

Choosing the Right Material

Pantry-Coke advises that if you’re looking for outdoor décor or in décor that translates both inside and out, be mindful of the type of material you’re choosing. Synthetic rattan, solid wood and metal are great options; it all depends on you and the preference for your space.

Once you choose your material, maintenance is key. Some require more upkeep than others, so do your research and see which one works best for you.

Create an Outdoor Space

Take your space into consideration when choosing a set. Pantry-Coke recommends building an outdoor space because we’ve been inside for far too long; it’s time to be outside.

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