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Revamp Your Resume: Top Tips from Career Experts

Revamping your resume is an essential step towards achieving your dream job. Your resume is the first thing most hiring managers look at before considering you for an interview. Therefore, it should represent your skills and qualifications effectively, highlighting your strongest attributes.

It’s important to keep your resume exciting, relevant, and up-to-date. To help you with this, top career experts have gathered a few tips and tricks that could assist in giving your resume a facelift:

Tailor Your Resume per Job Listing

One of the best practices is to tailor your resume based on the job listing requirements. Check out the keywords listed in a job description and incorporate those into relevant sections of your resume. Ensure familiarity with the company so you can decode the job listing adequately, e.g. formatting preferences.

Professional Summary and Profile Matter

The professional summary and profile category allows the hiring manager to get a feel of who you are. Keep it brief, highlighting what successes you have had, relevant experience and potentially any industry-specific achievements you’ve had over the years. Remember to be conversational – this is your unique informal voice ingrained into your resume.

Quantify Your Achievements

Hiring managers are inspired by figures, so it could be helpful to quantify your achievements as much as possible. Your past performances or experiences could potentially determine what, specifically, you’ve achieved for or with someone, specificity is necessary instead of generic statements.

Keep it Compelling with Active Verbs

Utilize active verbs in the workbook to clarify responsibilities. Highlight industry-specific skills when applicable. This is particularly important when it comes to technical terminology. Use keywords specific to your industry – recruiters appreciate when you know your demons their field. It is always important to avoid the passive tense as much as possible.

Proofreading with a Second Pair of Eyes

After creating your resume, ensure you seek a proofreader who can give you constructive criticism on your resume arrangement. Should you need, you may hire someone to help correct grammar or spelling mistakes on a platform such Upwork, leave nothing to chance.


Revamping your resume is challenging but can encourage many potential hiring managers to consider you. Ensure all experience featured highlight your competence, flexibility, problem-solving solving and keen-eyed best practices within your industry – your resume sells it all. When a resume is polished, industry-specific and leaves an immense feeling of an accomplished individual,it is impossible ignored by professional hirers. Use these tips as fundamental foundations for modifying your investment in capital goods; YOUR RESUME!

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