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Radical Rollin’: Top 10 Skateboarding Tricks

Radical Rollin’: Top 10 Skateboarding Tricks

Stepping onto a skateboard can be exciting, but mastering skateboard tricks is an unrivaled experience. It is a sport often associated with freedom, creativity, and breaking boundaries. You may have the equipment and the attitude, but do you know what tricks to do? If you ask skateboard experts, they would recommend the following top ten skateboarding tricks.


The kickflip is where the skateboarder kicks the board in mid-air, spinning it 360 degrees along the board’s length, then landing back on the board.

Frontside Air

The Frontside Air is where you lift your board up and turn your body to the side to gain air, and with lots of momentum, you “ollie” with your body rotation and make your descent.


The heelflip is a skateboarding trick that involves flipping the board, turning it 360 degrees along its width axis. Instead of a kickflip, where the board spins forward when flicked, heelflips involve flicking the nose of the board beneath the board with your heel.

Backside Tailslide

The backside tailslide can be one of the challenging skateboard tricks. This trick is very technical, and it consists of landing on your tail instead of your wheels and sliding across the object you are skating.

Casper Flip

Also called the Christ Air Reverse 540, is because it looks quite insane. You put a board under your leading foot, and you pop it upwards As it rotates around, you kick your back foot to allow the board to flip to the right position.

50-50 Grind

A 50-50 grind is a skate trick in which the skateboarder grinds along the edge of the deck’s truck axle, with both the board’s wheels passing along a ledge or rail without being: Therefore, he’s ninety degrees without wiping out.


A manual is a skateboard trick wherein the rider balances by rolling only on the two wheels. It helps a lot to improve balance on skateboards.


A variation of the basic grind but where the weight of the boarder is more towards the nose of the board.


A power slide is when you take your board (slightly at an angle), shift your weight back, and drag the wheels behind you to scrub the speed.

Hip ollie

Probably the most graceful trick in Skateboarding… Once you pop up from the Hip Ollie (Jumping off the ramp), you bring up your legs, like jumping on a trampoline.

With plenty of practice and consistency, these ten skateboarding tricks can improve one’s skills as well as personal feeling and emoting. Skateboarding is a sport and hobby that requires dedication, passion, and skill, but with these moves known by heart, you’re going to become more experienced with it.

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