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Preserving history through a new Washington restaurant.

Preserving history through a new Washington restaurant.

1906 Bistro & Bourbons: A Taste of Washington’s Rich History

Located at the corner of Market and Main Streets in Washington, a charming new bistro has recently opened its doors. 1906 Bistro & Bourbons, a restaurant that pays homage to the history of the area, is now serving a delightful mix of cocktails, beer, bourbon, and simple yet satisfying foods like sandwiches. Co-owner Warren Allen expressed his desire to bring back the era of hospitality that has shaped Washington’s past. “Our back bar is built from the joists we cut out from the elevator and our tables are built from the two-by-fours we took out,” he shared.

The choice of the restaurant’s name, 1906 Bistro & Bourbons, alludes to a significant time in Washington’s timeline, predating the era of prohibition, a period that witnessed Washington’s growth and prosperity. The restaurant owners, Warren and Katherine Allen, discovered a treasure trove of intriguing artifacts while working on the building itself, revealing the diverse purposes it has served over the years. Initially, the establishment was a bank, but it later transitioned to a pharmacy. Finally, it became a renowned women’s clothing boutique.

One of the noteworthy finds within the building’s basement was a collection of pharmacy slips, remnants from its days as a drugstore. Katherine Allen, a doctor herself, shared a humorous anecdote about the prescriptions found. “We found pharmacy slips in the basement from when it used to be a pharmacy. That was really funny for me as a doctor because it would be a prescription for methanol, to use as a salve on your rashes. It was not modern medicine,” she chuckled.

With a blend of history, comfortable ambiance, and tantalizing food and beverage options, 1906 Bistro & Bourbons offers an unforgettable dining experience for locals and visitors alike. By utilizing reclaimed materials from the building’s past, Warren and Katherine Allen have created a space that not only pays homage to Washington’s heritage but also preserves it. The bistro’s atmosphere carries whispers of bygone eras, drawing patrons into an enchanting journey through time.

The menu at 1906 Bistro & Bourbons features a delectable selection of simple yet flavorful dishes. From savory sandwiches bursting with fresh ingredients to mouthwatering soups and salads, the culinary offerings cater to a diverse range of tastes. Additionally, the extensive drink menu boasts an array of craft cocktails, a carefully curated beer selection, and of course, a remarkable collection of bourbons.

Vintage photographs and historical artifacts adorn the walls of the bistro, further immersing guests in the rich tapestry of Washington’s past. The attention to detail and commitment to historical preservation is evident throughout the establishment, creating a unique dining destination that captures the essence of Washington.

As visitors savor the delightful culinary creations at 1906 Bistro & Bourbons, they are transported back in time, embraced by the warmth and charm of the past. Whether you’re a lover of history or simply seeking a memorable dining experience, this bistro promises to leave a lasting impression. Indulge in the flavors of the past, raise a glass to Washington’s storied past, and let the rich history of the area inspire and enchant you at 1906 Bistro & Bourbons.


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