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Preserve Your Roots: 20 Ways to Save Your Local Historical Sites

Preserve Your Roots: 20 Ways to Save Your Local Historical Sites

Why should you save your local historical sites?

It is essential to preserve your local historical sites as they serve as a link between the past and present. These sites play an important role in understanding the development of local communities, the culture and history of the people living there. However, many historical sites have faced neglect, deterioration, and demolishment, therefore saving them is crucial.

How can you save your local historical sites?

Here are the 20 ways to save your local historical sites:

1. Create Awareness

Spread awareness among your community members and nearby neighbors about the importance of preserving local artifacts and historical sites.

2. Join a Historical Society

Joining a historical society can provide you with vital sources of information necessary in preserving local history.

3. Become a Volunteer

Volunteer with a local historical site, organization or group to help them in arranging cultural and historical events to help raise funds and awareness.

4. Seek Funding Opportunities

Look out for funding opportunities from government and non-government agencies to promote local historical preservation and restoration projects.

5. Write About the Sites

Write about historical sites and their significance, in newspapers or online, to raise awareness about local history.

6. Visit Historical Sites

Visit historical sites, museums or art galleries to learn about the historical importance to your community and understand their needs for preservation.

7. Take Responsibility

Be responsible by keeping historical sites clean and free of debris, trash or vandalism.

8. Research Restoration Techniques

Learn techniques of preserving and restoring historical sites through research and reading on related subjects.

9. Teach Children Local History

Educate children about local history to help keep cultural artifacts and historical landmarks relevant and protected.

10. Organize Events

Organize cultural events, exhibitions and educational tours to help raise awareness about local heritage sites.

11. Promote Culture on Social Media

Use social media to promote local cultural events or heritage sites to the general public and tourists.

12. Involve Private Groups

Collaborate with private groups such as businesses, churches, and other organizations, to help organize and fund historical preservation projects.

13. Obtain Historical Designations

Obtain historical designations or protections for local historical sites through appropriate governing bodies.

14. Approve Conservation Guidelines

Provide appropriate guidelines for the Conservation of Historical Articles, Sites and Structures to help preserve their history correctly.

15. Create Publications

Produce local guides, brochures, and publications that contain cultural and historical sites and landmark locations while encouraging awareness of them.

16. Display Local Artifacts

Allow local artifacts such as statues and fountains to be situated in designated locations to draw attention to local heritage.

17. Sponser Public Programs

Encourage the development and organization of public-oriented cultural programs and educational initiatives.

18. Maintain Local Sites Regularly

Maintain historical sites regularly with supervision of the Site Manager/s at each site.

19. Allocate Funds

Allocate equitably financial funding to restore, repair and promote the value of the local historical sites and locations.

20. Develop Community Support Systems

Cooperate with other cultural organizations, government institutions, and nonprofit groups at Regional or local levels to support your preservation projects

Preserving your roots is imperative to establishing and maintaining your community’s identity. By choosing one or multiple of these 20 methods, you can ensure that history is preserved and available to future generations, so they can imagine how things used to be.

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