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Pregnancy Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

Pregnancy Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction


Becoming pregnant is an exhilarating experience that comes with lots of different feelings, thoughts, and questions. The internet and old wives’ tales have often provided misleading answers to many of our pregnancy questions. Nevertheless, here’s good news: after much research carried out by medical professionals, we present to you, the often-debated pregnancy myths debunked.

Myth 1: Pregnant Women Should Avoid Exercise

One of the most persistent myths regarding pregnancy is being totally inactive for the safety of the developing fetus. However, doctors have advised expectant mothers to observe safe exercise routines moderately appropriate for their respective trimesters.

Myth 2: You Are Eating for Two: So, Eat All You Want

Although it sounds and feels relatable, the old saying you’re eating for two may seem like pregnant women are eating for another human – a newborn to be precise. In reality, the truth is quite astonishing : about 300 extra calories need to be added to your daily diet in your second and third trimester. This allowance is relative depending on your body mass index (BMI) or physical fitness level.

Myth 3: Pregnant Women Can’t Travel or Fly

Surely it a practical consideration, commercial airline flights require a secure pressurized environment, which poses no harmful threat to fragile pregnancies. Prenatal travel is not as risky as many make it sound.  As long as everything’s okay with mum and baby, you can fly up the later stages of pregnancy, as long as you did it safely.

Myth 4: Heartburn in Pregnancy means the Baby will have Lots of Hair

This particular myth should have made global news if it were true. No matter how independent we envisage the scalp and digestive system to be interconnected – this “heartburn to hairy” equation remains unfounded…

Myth 5: To Avoid Negative Pregnancy Side Effects Take Copious Supplements

Supplements are recommended to offset any nutritional inadequacies when pregnant. However, taking too much over-the-counter meds would not fix as you should only consume appropriate supplements during its intended usage. So, just up sticking hefty amounts of folic acid or prenatal supplements would not compensate and is likely to cause more harm than good.


Clever quips can be misleading, and it’s our responsibility to gain access to the right information. Arming oneself with cold hard facts from health personnel or knowledgeable books and expert opinion during antenatal visits remains the most efficient way to receive accurate pregnancy knowledge. Nevertheless, debunking myths can be a way to resolve doubts, for this reason, it’s essential always to apply cognitive thinking and research against anything claimed before wholly believing it.

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