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Pheronym awarded $1M grant for Woodland research.

Woodland-based Pheronym receives $1 million national science grant

Woodland-based biotech company, Pheronym, has been awarded a prestigious $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation. This grant recognizes Pheronym’s scientific contributions in the field of agriculture and specifically focuses on their groundbreaking work in nematode biocontrol.

A breakthrough approach to pest control

Pheronym’s pioneering research has led to a revolutionary approach to pest control by utilizing pheromones. These chemical compounds are naturally produced by nematodes, microscopic roundworms that are beneficial for agriculture. By releasing synthetic pheromones, Pheronym has developed a method to manipulate nematode behavior, making these organisms more effective in controlling agricultural pests.

Creating sustainable agriculture solutions

This innovative solution not only provides an effective pest control mechanism, but it also offers a sustainable alternative to conventional chemical pesticides that have significant environmental drawbacks. Pheronym’s approach minimizes the use of harmful chemicals, reducing pollution and protecting both crops and the environment.

Award highlights Pheronym’s potential impact

The National Science Foundation grant serves as a validation of Pheronym’s pioneering research and recognizes the company’s potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry. The funding will fuel further research and development, enabling Pheronym to scale up their operations and bring their innovative nematode biocontrol technology to market.

Accelerating the adoption of nematode biocontrol

Pheronym aims to accelerate the adoption of their nematode biocontrol technology through collaborations with agricultural experts and partnerships with industry leaders. The grant will support field trials and commercialization efforts, paving the way for the widespread adoption of this sustainable and effective pest control solution.

Positive implications for the environment and economy

The impact of Pheronym’s work extends beyond agriculture. By reducing the reliance on traditional chemical pesticides, their technology has significant positive implications for the environment and human health. Additionally, the adoption of nematode biocontrol can enhance crop yields and improve overall agricultural productivity, positively impacting the economy.

Pheronym’s vision for the future

Pheronym remains committed to pushing the boundaries of pest control and developing sustainable agricultural solutions. With the support of the National Science Foundation grant, the company aims to revolutionize the way we approach agriculture, ensuring food security, environmental preservation, and economic prosperity for generations to come.


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