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Peerfit founder launches education program.

Peerfit Founder Ed Buckley Steps into Education Space with New Venture

Ed Buckley, the founder of Peerfit, has announced the launch of a new education venture. The startup, named e-bulk, aims to help companies boost the effectiveness of their employee training programs.

Why e-bulk?

The idea for e-bulk came from Buckley’s experience working in the health and fitness industry. He noticed that while many companies offer employee training programs, the impact and retention of the training was often low. This led him to explore why this was happening and what could be done about it.

After conducting research and working with experts in the field, he discovered that traditional training methods were not effective in engaging employees or facilitating long-term learning. With this knowledge, he set out to create a more engaging and effective training solution, which became e-bulk.

How e-bulk Works

E-bulk is a cloud-based platform that uses microlearning and gamification to help employees retain information and apply what they’ve learned. The system is customizable to the company’s needs, and courses can be tailored to specific job roles and skill levels.

E-bulk’s approach to training is designed to be more effective than traditional methods by breaking down complex topics into bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest. The gamification aspect of the platform adds an element of fun, making it more engaging for employees.

The Future of e-bulk

Buckley believes that e-bulk has the potential to revolutionize the way companies approach employee training. He sees the platform as a way to not only improve employee knowledge and skills but also to boost company culture and engagement.

E-bulk has already signed on several major clients, including Walgreens and OrangeTheory Fitness, and is rapidly expanding its customer base. Buckley and his team are excited about the potential for e-bulk and are working hard to continue to develop and improve the platform.


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