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One Family’s Journey through International Adoption

A Glorious Journey into International Adoption: A Family’s Fascinating Experience


Becoming part of a family is one of the greatest things that can ever happen to a child. However, for parents whose paths to parenthood are not straightforward, the journey can turn out to be a rocky experience brimmed with twists and turns.

One of these scenarios is international adoption. While fraught with complex legalities, battling through the myths and regulations surrounding the method remains one of the crucial life events many married couples undertake, sadly, many single persons can only fancifully dream about. One family dared to make that leap, and their journey was an overwhelming and life-affirming experience that they will continue to cherish through their lives.

Our Adoption Process Begins

Bridgette and Tom are both in their early 30s and hail from Maine. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have children of their own, which saw them tread down the path that would lead them towards adopting their first child from another country. Ideally, they had to go through a rigorous screening and selection process and waited anxiously for years, hoping to adopt a child.

The Waiting Game

There’s a popular misconstrued stereotype that portrays adoption as something that’s purely on-demand, – getting a child merely because the adoptee can’t have one of their own – but nothing could be further from the truth. Bridgette and Tom narrate how their dreams had first been characterized by a lot of uncertantities and waiting.

“Waiting was equal parts frustrating, exciting, and anxious,” Bridgette exclaims, cheered on by Tom, adding that: “We never knew how many corners and twists we still had to turn to prioritize adoptees before ourselves in the application process by the agency.”

Adding to the anxiety was the reality sinking in that one small transcription error, missing paperwork, or a pending veto my terminating the entire process.

The More they Waited, the Less Sure Will They Adopt

Tom and Bridgette impowered the weight of waiting shocked and overwhelmed them at different times in their lives, challenging their abilities to see the course to its conclusion.

“We walked out on this journey that would break us, build.” Tom offered “I became bitter when people used hurtful terms when referring to the decision to adopt, filling our subconsciousness with seeds of doubt that these had no solid foundation.”

Turtle Neck Meets Chin

Finally, Our family got matched-up, child notified, which was eye-popping news because it always felt like a dream.

“Hallelujah! It was ecstatic bliss for us, like just winning the lottery,” Bridgett, filled with emotion as reasons with Tom beside her. “The notification felt so improbable. Everywhere we idled, discussions with adoption process petitioners were heard in moaning how things hadn’t panned out quite as projected from the beginning.”

The First Visit

Shelby, a charmant little girl of 3 originally from the Republic of Congo met Tom and Bridggett, and it reignited a sense of awakening warmth that shored away all the lateness that came with delays in paperwork signing.

“The first visit was joyfully memorable,” Bridgett relives the mood continuing with characteristic contagious happiness that’s infrectiously. “At that point in our journey, We went thoroughly refreshed, given the happiness coming from others found through seeking comes with the fatigue.”

You Are Never Prepared Enough – Acculturation

Acculturation continues to be a plague onto adoptee parents globally what exercise intensified by international nature compounding other mitigating factors impacting parenting term-strategies settling techniques, the faith-transforming arc, and consigned love-through-positive-equality-prescribing course-correcton tasks.

Finding the perfect levity to begin the ‘Blending’ represents the tipping-point, a bright spot in modern-day adoption. “Blending takes years of adjusting (to conclude on the appropriate nomenclature), time and suffices like dialogue lines ensuring light emits sufficient energy wit pro-rated perseverance,” Tom professes, smoothening an already-hard path with his endless wit.

The Adoption Challenges Our New Family Typically Encounter

The global outreach required by International Adoption would appear to dimmish the quality upbringing elements characteristic to typical concepts associated with raising a baby up by most western societies. As Tony evokes Tommy’s skill in parenting in mitigative behavior-sounding motion over and upon flying recommendations, out the blue comes flickers of defiance…

“In reality, we both try to keep questioning,”Tom says.”It’s intriguing navigating culture shift so baselessly nowadays grabbing headlines,”— which indeed adds a sour little kick in the relationship-game that needs expendif will remain impermeable

Into the Here and Now: Reaquainting/Continuation

“When we initially brought Shelby home, the world was quite strange for her – it took a while adjusting,” Bridgett chuckles.

The journey towards a wholeness of genealogy remains specifically textured, entering their foundational bonding curriculum to mold young Quincy’s as not empty sponges.

“The first little teenage-knock appeared the other day,” reflects Tom. ‘It shocked us both… now, we just know it’s arrived- realization can tell how we simultaneously don’t think enough problems transcend all bars. So, what are you going to do about that?”

Closing Thoughts

As conveyed in Tom’s final parting remarks before fading out in his unlimited wit- the accomplishment of having a family surpasses even the seemingly unimagineable. Indeed, it serves enough life-mirroring and deepening perspective like few-life moments require so.

International adoption is a fascinating experience, and every little backstory is other-worldly, beautiful, touching in their opening up to strangers. Remaining true to ‘international outreach makes a difference where it is needed’ ethos and soul remains on the eternal-right-course yearly. Here our eyes meet with unique fulfillments needing not even a word- families giving roles and roles giving families guarantees nothing can replace.

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